Givenchy Pandora

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  1. #4096 Jan 31, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
    I just purchased a small grey Pepe Pandora that popped up on the RealReal. It’s the color and leather combination I’ve been stalking. I’ve never spent so much on a bag before so I feel kind of sick about it/excited. It was kind of impulsive just now, but I’ve been obsessed for like a year. Eek!
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  2. Good luck--you'll love it!!!! Pandoras are the best. Carrying one even convinced my mom to get one.
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  3. Thanks! Yeah, I felt like I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t go for it.
  4. This past Friday, tragedy struck. I was out in Brooklyn NY and had my small Pandora stolen :crybaby:i didn’t even notice until it was gone! I know there are plenty of pandas out there but I never see this particular tricolor one (other than full price on which I cant afford). I just hope they try to sell it on eBay or to a consignment site so I can buy it back! If anyone sees this color combo for sale I would be forever grateful if you can let me know :flowers:
  5. Hi ladies,

    I bought a small Pepe Pandora in a light tan last month, preloved and I love it!

    I’m now thinking of getting a black but want it to be different. In your experience, would a medium or large be the better size? I’m about 5ft and love a cross body but am worried the large might be too big?

    Thank you!
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  6. Large might be too big crossbody for your height imo, but some ppl like that so dont let that stop u from trying one on in person if u can. Medium would be a great option, and my first choice for you.
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  7. That's terrible, and I'm sure those of us on here will all keep an eye out for this colorway.
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  8. Thanks so much for the help, that's kind of what I was leaning towards.
  9. What do you think this is? I’m not 100% sure where to stop measuring to work our medium vs large

    It’s preloved, on eBay and I’m confident it’s genuine. They say large but I’m not sure it’s big enough to be large based on measurements I found online.

    Thanks in advance for any advice :smile:
    E950CE8E-8FAE-4D40-B1D4-8DCBED20BA7F.jpeg 5B5AD11D-AB8F-4C32-92A6-81A202145984.jpeg
  10. Oh no that’s terrible! Hope you’re not too shaken up by it. I’ll deffo keep an eye out.
  11. Looks like a medium. You can check with Barneys website as they usually carry Givenchy med pandas, if not large.
  12. Thanks!
  13. I’m 5’1 and the medium imho fits great! I think it looks something like a messenger bag without being a flap.
  14. Hi!

    I know the Large is no longer in production.

    But I wanted to know if the strap (crossbody) on the Large is the same length as the one on the Medium.

    Also, did Givenchy change the strap length when they updated the Pandora (from the original model to the addition of a third exterior zip pocket style)?

    Was the Large available in the newer model, before that size was discontinued?

    I think a Large would fit my stuff, but it can look too big (I think). And I’m worried it would be too heavy when filled. And there’s the concern about the crossbody strap being too long.

    I’m 5’4. And I would like to wear the bag as a crossbody sometimes. Would Medium be better (size and strap length)?

  15. That’s fab, thank you! Sounds exactly what I’m looking for. What colour and leather type do you have?