Givenchy Pandora

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm usually on the Balenciaga forum but have been intrigued by the Givenchy Pandora. Does anyone have this bag? What are the pros and cons? Does anyone know where I can find it within the US, preferably in NYC?

  2. The bag looks gorgeous. But I'm not sure about the fact that the bag only has one handle on the back panel and when it's has stuffs, it leans forward? Just the balance looks strange to me.
  3. Barneys is 100% legit. I have shopped in 3 Barneys locations and from their online storefront.
  4. Thanks for the link KittyKat65, I know Barneys sells them but I think the color I'm looking for in the picture is sold out.

    Any more opinions on this bag? I just got a Balenciaga Black RH City and thinking of returning it and getting this bag. Do you think I should go for it?
  5. No. I don't like the bag at all. It looks like a backpack that is being worn on one shoulder. The dimensions and proportions are not flattering. It is quite odd and I was perplexed when I first saw it. I also think it will be in the sale rack pretty soon. My suggestion would be to keep the Bal, which is a classic and forgo the Givenchy as I believe the novelty will wear off quickly.
  6. Thanks KittyKat65! I think you made up my mind. :smile: You're right about Givenchy being a novelty. I was swayed for a bit. I think I'll keep my Bal for now. Thanks everyone!
  7. Glad I could help. Enjoy your Bal - it is a beautiful bag and the leather will only get better with age :smile:
  8. This style bag has been around for at least a year (possibly longer) and has not yet been on sale, at least not at Nordstrom and not on the Barney's website.
  9. this style has been around for slighty more than a year and I think it's unfair to call Givenchy as a fad or novelty...sure they did struggled for some years now (like all sleeping giant french labels like Celine, Balmain etc) and now revived by the fantastic Ricardo Tisci...

    If we say Givenchy is novelty then I can also say Balenciaga motorcycle bag is getting too common.....

    I like the pandora, has tried it on and have to confess it's not for everyone.
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  10. amazing bag.
    absolutely unique.
    i'm mad for it.
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  11. Ahem, I am saying that the style of the bag is a novelty, not the brand.
  12. *GASP* Barneys is more than legit! It's an institution!
  13. Thanks everyone for more replies! So what does everyone else think? Is the Givenchy Pandora worth getting instead of keeping my Bal Black RH City?