Givenchy Pandora

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  1. I have the black Pepe leather. I feel like the wrinkling of the leather adds to the casualness of wearing it cross body. Though you couldn’t go wrong either way.
  2. I do love my small Pepe, it’s one of the light tan ones. I really wasn’t sure how the leather would feel before I tried it but it has a gorgeous feel doesn’t it.

    I bought this bag in the end. I got a fab price. I might not be able to resist later in the year but for now I have to try and stay on banned island :smile: 4CEE39B8-3910-4D70-A353-108E38183D7E.jpeg
  3. it’s gorgeous! It’s going to look great on you crossbody while you’re walking around ban island ;)
  4. Thanks:smile: I know!! Such good company
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  5. :heart: such a cool black Pandora :love:
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  6. I have to say, the other day I met this landscape architect, and she was wearing all black, a sharp Jil Sander coat, a pony tail and a black calf Pandora and she looked so impossibly sleek and chic and cool... My Hermes felt banal in comparison. I think sometimes you only truly appreciate a bag once is not full 'on trend' .
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  7. I know, I'm so lucky. I was kind of having a bit of buyer's remorse, not because of the bag but because at Christmas I was like 'Ok so you've gone crazy on Chloe this year, stop it now. Be sensible.' and then within the first week, I'd bought my first Pandora - and now, a few weeks later, my second.

    I have no willpower :smile: I want to appreciate the bags I have, they're all a bit different from each other which is the logic I use to convince myself to look for new bags but I genuinely love the Pandora look. I've got a few structured bags, I used to always be a tote girl but lately I've just decided the option to wear cross-body is so fuss free.
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  8. I'm the same. Even with music.
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  9. IMG_0753.JPG

    I’ve found that I have a weakness for Pandoras. I just love them. This is my new mini in the color Heather Grey (more of a grey brown). I wanted a lighter color, like “Powder” offered at Nordstrom, but I’m scared of color transfer. I have two already in the Pepe leather (a small and a mini) which is much softer but I have confidence this sugar leather Pandora will soften over time.
  10. Bought my first Pandora! I'm in love ❤️

    94CF6BC5-318E-48AC-92B9-675DC9BB607F.jpeg 454ADE6C-FDCC-499F-8AFA-913C42024F66.jpeg 7927432A-8BC1-43B3-901F-EBA0DE5C10BA.jpeg 31DBE263-0C21-4E6B-A84D-8219FB6C1C42.jpeg
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  11. Waiting for a small Pandora
  12. I debated between the Balenciaga Hip and the mini pandora too. I ended up getting both. :biggrin: But I got the Hip on an awesome preloved price, and the mini Pandora on a discount too. I don't have the mini Pandora yet but I read it's roomier than the Hip. The Hip can hold my iphone 7plus, my trifold Michael Kors wallet, and actually that's it. I might need to resort to not using a wallet if I want to carry a sunglass case if I don't want it to be bulky. It really does not hold much.
  13. My newest one arrived. I’m going to have to wrestle it from my dog
    DAFF9CD9-4267-4544-9F5C-22266F478672.jpeg FE372DAD-F3BC-47B8-8558-7F6814C698A7.jpeg
  14. Your dog has got excellent taste.
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  15. She does, doesn’t she :smile: