"Gifts" from Cartier SAs


Oct 10, 2021
Hi everyone!

This may sound a bit silly but I'm newish to Cartier. I bought a JUC bracelet and love ring from the boutique in Vancouver. I love my SA she is really sweet and kind. I'm planning to go back to get the orginal love bracelet for my birthday. However, I know a few people who bought less or same amount as I have and received gifts or even the mini bottle of champagne and I received nothing. The JUC bracelet was bought on my birthday date and got nothing.

It's obviously not a big deal and shouldn't purchase to just get something out of it but I was just wondering why I wasn't offered anything on special occasions of purchasing?

If anyone can give advice or have been to the Vancouver boutique?
I have noticed that the Vancouver boutique usually only sends cleaning kits and travel pouches with my purchases (2 Love bracelets, earrings, d'amour necklace). Maybe there is a spend threshold before one receives the "real" gifts :amuse: . In contrast, when I purchased my ballon bleu at Birks I was gifted stationary, a jewellery dish, a candle, 3 kinds of perfume (not samples!), and a silver bookmark. Go figure.
Dec 28, 2007
I’ve been shopping Cartier for years, spent around 70k, and as far as gifts go I’ve only ever received 1 cleaning kit which was years ago. Is this normal? Same 2 SA’s too, and same location
Which continent are you based in? From what I gather Europe seems to have the least stock for "extra" gifts. By that I mean they give travel pouches, cleaning kits, books, chocs and champagne but less likely to have candles and so on. Asia gives the whole set quite easily. I don't shop Cartier in the US so I can't comment.
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