Gianvito Rossi

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  1. :tup::girlsigh:
    Nice!!! Such a good deal - I'm super jealous
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  2. Does anyone have the plexi flats? I’m wondering how comfortable they are? TIA!
  3. 55mm black suede, no complaints even after a long day.
  4. Girls!!! I am looking for a pair of nude pumps. What do you think of these in this combination of colours? Thanks!!

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  5. Looks great on you!!!!
  6. Hey girls! Does anyone know how to stop condensation from happening on the plexi pumps? I’ve tried the deodorant spray without success. Wondering if anyone has tried anything else to stop their feet sweating and making the plexi foggy.
  7. Hi guys,
    I'm a bit confused with the plexi sizing, hope someone could answer... I'm almost always a 37 in designer heels (6.5 in regular brands). Last year I got the 100mm plexi in 37 and can't even get my feet into the shoe (but i gained some weight back then), so I sold the shoes to my friend and got 85mm plexi in 37.5 a few weeks ago and it's a bit loose (I live in a small city so there's no way to try on the shoes in person).
    So my questions are:
    1. are the sizing different between 100mm and 85mm?
    2. will the pvc in my current one stretch out? I can manage to wear it now, but if it stretches further then it's definitely going to be too big
    3. what kind of size reducer can i use with plexi? anyone has tried it before?

    Many thanks in advance!
  8. The plexi pump sizing is a half size small in my opinion. I own a couple of them in the 100mm. In my experience, lower heels tend fit more true to your size, but with higher heels, they tend to run a half size bigger due to the incline. Higher heels make your feet slip forward and can cause a heel gap if you don’t buy your true size or a half size smaller.

    The pvc on the plexi is tough at first but softens with the natural heat of your feet. They will mold to your feet and become more flexible. This is why it is advised to heat the shoe with your hands (use your fingertips to massage the pvc) before putting your shoes on. Once the pvc is warmed up, it will stretch. When the shoes become cold again, they will go back to their original form. This is only from my experience with these shoes.

    My sizing varies from one high end designer brand to another. I am a true size 9 in closed toe and 9.5 in open toe heels. All of my plexi pumps are in a size 9.5 while all of my Louboutin pigalle follies and circus city heels are in a size 9. Although some people claim that louboutins run small, the 9.5 gave me major heel slippage when my feet warmed up to them. This is why I bought them in a 9 even though they kill my toes. But as far as the plexi pumps go, my toes felt much better in a 9.5 and it didn’t cause that ugly toe scrunch which is completely visible because of the clear pvc. However, they do become slightly loose after an hour wear.

    As far as reducing the size, you can try using clear heel grips and cut them in half so it’s not visible through the plexi. You can just use it in the back of the heel (the middle section where the suede lining is).
  9. Scored these brand new beauties off TheRealReal. I love them! I’m usually a 35.5, these are a 36 with the heel slightly slipping, but would prefer these over a smaller size. I’m a 35 in Manolo BBs for additional reference.

    I usually put sole guards on my shoes but my cobbler messed up the last time and I’m afraid to send these off. Do you all put them on yours?
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  10. I need these shoes!
  11. Amal Clooney
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  12. samaira85
    Hi there hope someone can help here, so i wanted to purchase the plexi pumps in the 85, my dilemma is i tried one size which felt perfect but after wearing in the store my heel starting slipping so then tried the next size down which fit but i felt like my toes were being crushed and felt pretty tight. Do the plexis stretch after a few wears and would you recommend getting the smaller size. TIA
  13. Yes take the smaller size. They stretches a bit after a while and this is way better than slipping.
  14. Thank you X