Gianvito Rossi

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  1. :tup::girlsigh:
    Nice!!! Such a good deal - I'm super jealous
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  2. Does anyone have the plexi flats? I’m wondering how comfortable they are? TIA!
  3. 55mm black suede, no complaints even after a long day.
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  4. Girls!!! I am looking for a pair of nude pumps. What do you think of these in this combination of colours? Thanks!!
    5F6EEB20-F1D4-459F-9741-C1E8F57BE484.jpeg 472EF733-8CDD-421A-8469-8C4C641486F9.jpeg 46902E26-4D5C-4132-BC1B-EFCBBBABA929.jpeg 879D411B-C87F-41E1-A197-88D384C72286.jpeg
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  5. Looks great on you!!!!
  6. So chic!