Gianvito Rossi

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  1. I'd also like to know about discoloration or yellowing of the PVC. I have resisted buying a pair because of this concern.
  2. That was basically the reason why I never purchased them but I bought them on an impulse because they were priced really well and couldn’t pass them up. Now I’m not sure how to even store them or how to keep them from yellowing (if they will).
  3. Hello, I’m thinking about buying a pair of GR ballerina flat plexi and I was wondering if anyone in this group have had them so they can tell me about the comfort level, fit and sizing. Thanks
  4. Has anyone encountered scratches on their GR plexi??? If so, can it be removed???
  5. Hi everyone! Has anyone tried wearing their Plexi Pumps in calf leather in the rain? If so, how has it held up? Are there any water marks?
  6. Just got the plexi 70 in black suede and wanted to report that nine of my previous 5 pairs had this problem.

    Theres a slight puckering on the outside of the plexi part. I wore mine for 20 minutes to see if my body heat will be enough to soften it, which this style will definitely conform once you've worn it enough.

    Going by eye only, doesnt look like anything thing has changed in the design, but this is my first pair at this height, so who knows. It could also be a redesign to all GV plexi pumps.

    Anywho, suede is my fave, as it's more flexible and more forgiving if you want to squeeze a bit more comfort out of your heels. Add the lower heel, it's a no brainer that I'm going to keep it, even with the slight pucker.

    If anyone else has any exp, pls share.
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  7. As to some of the other questions raised, I haven't exp any yellowing and some of mine are over 2 yrs old. I also rotate my shoes often and dont store them outside their boxes or expose them to any chances of extreme heat, humidity or sunlight, which might start the chemical process for yellowing.

    No scratches to note either, but I cant imagine a way to fix that, once damage done.

    Haven't worn my calf in rain, but as with any leather, darker will show less, and easier to cover up w conditioning creme or shine polish. I know there are leather protect ants on the market so that's a consideration if you want to try waterproofing it.

    Size wise, I'd say the mule plexi runs small. I got my reg sz but going up half or full sz would have been more comfy.

    For me, suede stretches so I got tts, but I've seen reviews say go up half, which you can do as well since its easier to put a cushioning sole. Up half sz too if u tend to do that w point heels.

    So unless u have narrow or very narrow feet, I'd go up half a size for comfort. I have slight wide ft, but 95% time i wear tts, so what works for me doesnt mean it'll work for u.

    Patent, definitely suggests going up at least half.

    Calf, same logic applies as suede, tts for narrower ft, or go up half a sz at least.
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    She wears them often...

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  9. Delilah hamblin
  10. I love these shoes. I don’t wear them often. I have several GRs and I find them more comfortable than Jimmy Choo, which was my standard go to. Mine are patent and as you can tell, I’m pretty old. So if you can take my age into consideration, that is saying a lot and no discoloration. Still confused why anyone would wear them in the rain? They make shoes for that. 498F0075-D26E-4B5C-98FC-33C71529CB8B.jpeg
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  11. Sexy, and love the ant next to it too.
  12. I think this Gianvito Rossi thing is a problem....the 85 patent mules on sale at NAP just joined an ever growing GR shoe forest!
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  13. MM
  14. Hi ladies, I got my first pair of Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps in a size 38. They were however a low heel. My normal high street size is 37 as is my size in chanel ballet flats and nicholas kirkwood. I vary between a size 37.5 -38.5 in Louboutins depending on the style. I have the sandal in a size 38 and it was too big so I'm guessing my normal GR size is 37.5. This is why ordered my plexis in a 38. Howver, the width was still to narrow and gave me major blisters, but the length of the shoe was too long. So my heel kept slipping out. Will the plexi eventually soften up and widen? I felt like it was cutting into my foot. And do you think I should try adding an insole? I've tried the 37.5 in the plexis and they were way too small, so I'm not sure whether GR pumps are just not for me.
  15. Guuuuyyyyyysssss! I got my first pair of Black Velvet Plexi Pumps! Was on the wait list on Saks Off 5th and scored them for $199.99! (approx. $300 Canadian) I ordered a 37.5...they fit a bit snug but I'm hoping that they stretch when the PCV warms up a bit. I am so happy.....I have wanted these shoes for months. It doesn't even feel like I am wearing 105mm heels. Now to save up for my next pair (while hoping I can score another amazing deal on another pair)
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