Gianvito Rossi

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  1. I just ordered a pair of suede GIANVITO ROSSI single sole pumps.
    Anyone have a history with this designer?
    They look perfect for Autumn and casual wear, but had to order online.
    Anybody own these or similar from this designer?

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    I like some of his shoes recently but I think it's because many of his designs mimick other brands...
    eg. Manolo's BB, Louboutin's Un Bout, and of course Sergio Rossi who is his dad... not that it's a bad thing. Just my observations.
  3. Looks like Michelle Dockery from Downton abbey is wearing a pair in this picture. I only have a pair of his boots from a couple of seasons ago.

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  4. If you are a fan of Sergio Rossi(like I am) you will like Gianvito Rossi......I have a pair of his black kid 100mm pumps(style 2847) and they are one of my most comfortable 100mm pumps I own...and love the cut.....I also have a pair of the black patent pumps with the 110mm heels(style 2565), also very comfy but the heel height is a little challenging for me...and I have a pair of black patent 85mm pumps(style 2548) them all...I just wish there were more stores that sells them....I know Barney's NY has a good selection, otherwise you need to go to internet sellers which makes it difficult to try on.....
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    I stumbled on the designer through Matches and just love the suede color range for Fall. Have not found enough variety in color in a similar style from my usual go-to designers.
    I typically wear Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Gucci, Prada and Tods, MB and CL are not comfortable for I'm hoping these will work and the quality is there.
  6. How do they size???... because I hear the toe box is narrow...
  7. I bought a half size up - I do that with most pointy toe pumps...
    and the fit was perfect. For me it depends on the style.
  8. They are wonderfully well-crafted but order a half-size up.
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    Hi there, if I may chime in... I like Gianvito Rossi pumps coz they fit me really well. They are the most comfortable pumps, even for 110mm ones.

    About sizing, interestingly I have a different experience from yours and dalhousiekid's. For comparison, I wear Manolos and Louboutins in 36.5; I bought my first pair of Gianvito Rossi python pointy toe pumps in my usual 36.5, but ended up finding them too large (too long actually) :sad: Since then I've sized down my new GR purchases to 36, which is a perfect fit.

    Even as a longtime fan of Manolos and Loubi's, I reckon the GRs are more comfy than some of my Manolos and... er... all (!) of my Loubi's. Maybe it's just me :P Anyhow, they have become my workhorse shoes :smile:
  10. I'll see how I do in the 110mm....I had to try since the others are so comfortable!
  11. I think they're gorgeous!!!
    I just picked up a pink pair with the 110mm heel from YOOX at a great price!
  12. The 110mm I ordered arrived today. They are gorgeous! I ordered up a full size based on the fit of my 85mm.....I think they will be great. (For single sole shoes this is my upper limit on heel height.)
    Beautiful black suede....
    Can't wait to wear them!
  13. I have found Gianvito Rossi pointy pumps to run either tts or slightly large. I have a blue patent pair which are tts, well made and so comfortable for pointies! However the sizing varies. I was set on getting another pair in nude but they ran half a size larger. Also loved the look of their 110mm leather/ clear pvc ones but couldn't walk in them.. the plastic really irritated my skin.
  14. I just bought a pair with the clear pvc and they seem very stiff to me. Does anyone know if the clear plastic gets softer with wear? I really like them, and don't want to have to return them.
  15. nice