Gianvito Rossi

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  1. I would say try the 37s, they run small.
  2. May be too late to add to this question, but my suggestion would be to go with the 39.5.
  3. I just got the 37s! Thank you so much for the help!
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  4. Enjoy! His shoes are beautiful and well made, I love all of mine and plan on buying more in the future.
  5. Wearing GV today. So comfy.

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  6. IMG_1026.jpg

    I adore Portofino
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  7. Mules
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  8. Those mules look cute randr21!
  9. Thanks! They feel smaller than my regular one tho. I feel GV changed their sizing in general.
  10. Jlo in plexi
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  11. Does anyone know if black suede portofino 85 ever go on sale? Desperately need them!
    Do you know if its cheaper to buy them in Italy/Milan? Is GR generally cheaper in Milan?
  12. Posted a separate thread but then saw this so will post here.
    I want the plexi pump, but can't decide on height. 70mm is my 'every day comfort height' ie I could wear this height to work, shopping, etc, so would get loads of wear out of them. 85mm is then my comfort 'going out' height ie for dinner, bars etc (which I do less and less of these days).
    So 70mm seems like the logical choice (I also have loads and loads of higher heels and fewer 'every day' pairs), but I feel like the Plexi is a sexier style and so should be higher...

    My brother (probably rightly) pointed out that I will eventually end up with both lol but for now I am limited to one or the other due to cost.
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    I've seen the pvc version go on sale in black.

    I haven't seen any, but they prbly do. Just have to be vigilant.

    I feel in general, wherever a designer is from, it's cheaper locally. You'd get VAT back too in if you buy GV in milan.
  14. I'd say go with the 85. Not as high as 105, but not as low 70.
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    Hi all! So I saw a pair of violet GR plexi/velvet at my local saks off 5th, I tried them on and fell in love and brought them home with me and it is now my first pair of GRs. I paid around $330 for them so I consider that a steal since I pay full price for almost all of my designer shoes because my size usually runs out of stock before it ever hits a sale. However, they only had a size 39.5 which fit me quite well. This may be a dumb question but anyone know if these will stretch??? (I have absolutely no knowledge about pvc shoes since I’ve never gravitated towards them until I saw these gorgeous heels). I am hoping they don’t stretch whatsoever because the fit felt good when I tried them on. For reference I am a size US 9 in non designer/mid designer shoes and vary by high end designers. I am a size 39 in all my CLs (Pigalle Follies 100 and 120 (2015 to current), circus city 100, so kate 120, so full kate booties 100, Baretta 100 *could have gone down to a 38.5 in these), a size 39.5 in Valentino rockstuds 100, 39.5 in Alaia, Giuseppe Zanotti and Burberry, a 39 in Jimmy Choo, 39 in Alexander Wang and 39 in Gucci. Also... anyone ever had an issue with the plexi pump as far as the pvc?? Did they ever turn yellow? How do you store them? I usually have my heels on display in open cubbies but because these GRs are basically plastic, I’m afraid of discoloration. Also how do you clean them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.