Ghillie love!

  1. What a dreamy combo thimp! Thanks for sharing and huge congrats to you!
  2. Simply beautiful, thimp! The color combination is amazing!
  3. What a beauty! Congrats on such a :drool:-worthy Ghilly!
  4. Thank you! I'm thrilled to bits with this Ghillie kelly! It's such a fun bag to use. For those who are thinking of getting a Ghillie bag, I highly recommend it. The detailing is sooo pretty! There seems to be a lot of workmanship that goes into making a Ghillie bag. :biggrin:
  5. Thanks everyone for spending time to give me their comments :flowers:

    I am still waiting to hear back...

    But I think at this stage I will just ride my luck... "what will be will be"
  6. sorry I still can't get the hang of the multi-quote function ...
  7. I'm thinking of buying ghillies..Ghillies look better in Kelly/ birkin?Thanks
  8. Congrats thimp :woohoo: wish I could have both the Kelly and Birkin ghillies :biggrin:
  9. Hmmm hard choice, both looks great
  10. The Ghillies look is stunning in both...I guess it would come down to whether you are more of a birkin or Kelly gal!
  11. lol, i think a lot of us will buy Ghillies ....but the difficulty is in actually locating one. :p
  12. Thanks ALL...
    I know it's will be soo hard to get it from boutique..I am planning to buy from resellers.So noe I am thinking of either a birkin or Kelly...I agree to all of you both look very beautiful.But my budget is for one ghillies..I wish my money plant grow faster...:biggrin:
  13. thimp:buttercup: sorry i missed this!! belated CONGRATS!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: what a beautiful beautiful kelly~~ I'm sooooo happy for ya~~~ such an elegant beauty!!!!!:hbeat:
  14. Thank you, MrsRance! I hope you are enjoying your gorgeous B Ghillie. It is very special, indeed.
    Sweet boo! Thank you for your sweet words. I still remember your gorgeous, gorgeous Kelly Ghillie. I am happy to have the cousin. :biggrin:
  15. Thank you thimp :flowers: