Ghillie love!

  1. Hi Dharma

    Thank you very much for your advice! I think what you say is very wise in that it is not worth feeling regret everytime I look at the bag. I will go back with a price that I am more comfortable with paying and see how it goes.

    Over the past few hours I have been thinking about the 35cm Rhubis vs 32cm bicolour gris perle/etoupe issue and realised that the extra 3cm doesn't make me love the Rhubis any less ... I think it is because I was given a choice between the two and I usually don't have a choice when it comes to Hermes... made me confused and lose focus on what it is I really want.

    I won't be in Paris until later this year and actually may also drop by the US on my way but I imagine my chances will diminish with passing time... I have asked my local store in Australia and no luck. Maybe if I drop a rather obvious hint to my SA that I'm willing to spend the reseller premium at the store for actual H goods in return for an offer to purchase a rhubis ghillies... hehehe (just kidding... well only half-kidding; if only it was that *easy* and also I'm currently overseas in Asia where getting even a carre is like squeezing blood from a stone:panic:)

    O by the way the bicolours that I was offered were all with PHW.

    Thanks again for your time in considering my questions and also your well wishes :hugs:
  2. I've just realised I keep spelling rubis with a "h"... (ie, rhubis...) I guess I'm trying to have H in everything... sorry
  3. Thanks MrsRance! Have you had experience with Ruelamode before?
    I will need to research them on the resellers thread.
  4. Ruelamode is a respectable reseller. But their B&K prices are not cheap.

    Echo the advice above, how much premium you want to pay depends on your comfort level. By all means, negotiate. I tend to think the 35 is pretty big bag and 32 is a decent size. If you mean to only buy one, stick with the colour you love and that so motivated you, ie rubis.

    On the other hand, there will still be chances that if you dO not decide now, there will still opportunities to find gillies later at resellers.
  5. Thanks Jadeite! I am waiting to hear back on whether they are open to negotiate the price.
    I just did a search on ruelamode and one of the posts mentioned they take a 7% commission for finding a B or K. I think that's quite a reasonable fee (though can't remember how recent that post was). I will email them and find out.
  6. Hi SoLaLa.. Ruelamode charged 7% on top of boutique price for items except for Hermes items..
    Before 2012 all my Bs were bought from Ruelamode.. They're a trusted reseller.. I bought Rubis B and Orange B from Ruelamode and the price definetly were not 7% above boutique price.. But for the peace of mind knowing that it is authentic i dun really mind..
  7. Hi KeeKeee, thanks so much on the intel!
    I'll have to weigh up my options ....
  8. Its really boils down on how much you want it..

    1. Though I do agree 100% mark-up is a rather steep
    2. I'm partial to the 32 in Rubis... :smile: cause I just love mine. The bi-colour ones are in a different leather swift as opposed to tadelakt - not sure how much the leather matters to you, for me it has a different feel and touch
    3. In terms of hardware: the A/W 2011 solid colurs are in Permabrass the bi-color ones 2012 are palladium.

    The permabrass works very well, IMHO with Rubis definitley a plus with the overall Ghillies look.
  9. Where are you located? I think I saw it somewhere on the reseller site they're selling K35 rubis ghillies permabrass hw for $14,000 which is so much better than 20K :wtf:
    I personally will never pay extra for something that I know I can get for so much cheaper but if that is exactly what you want then maybe it's worth it:smile:
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    Just had to share. My Bicolor Etoupe Ghillie Kelly in 32cm.:smile:
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  11. So lovely! The Kelly sister to Mrs.Rance's birkin! This color combo really is TDF! Congratulations and wear her in the best of health!
  12. Love your ghillie! It's so nice and class! Major congrats!! Enjoy :smile:
  13. Your Kelly is beyond gorgeous:love: Thanks for sharing!
  14. Thank you, dharma!
    Thank you, dp7328!
    Thank you, kashmira! The Ghillie adds a cool twist to the kelly, IMHO. :smile: