1. gosh the boutique i work for in here in florence just got its style in, but in different leather patterns and colors. we have a lilac and steel grey embossed ostrich style with a chocolate brown suede between the zips. They are gorgeous!!
  2. Hi everyone, I’m new to the Purse Forum. I just want to share some of my thoughts on Furla Nerin Woven handbag. I was looking for an everyday bag that doesn’t need to be baby, yet functional and stylish. When I saw the Nerin woven tote bag on Furla website, I fell in love instantly. I didn’t make the purchase right away (it was at full price $995). But I know Furla always goes “on sale,” so I waited it and finally got it at 30% off ($697). The bag was overnight-ed to me. When I opened the package, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s more beautiful than the pictures. It’s well made (handmade in Italy) and looks rustic and delicate at the same time. (How is it possible??? How did Furla do it??). Also talking about the intoxicating Italian leather smell………….:nuts

    This tote bag is made of weaved and washed cow leather with the Italian craftsmanship for the interwining slings, gives a luxury effect of weaving. It reminds me of the Orchid Cabat that I own from Bottega Veneta. However, Nerin is a much heavier tote bag due to the material, and it is not a knock-off of BV by any means. It has achieved a delicate balance of high quality, simplicity, and sophistication. This bag with a smaller dimension (14" W x 11" H x 5" D, $895) in 2 different colors (Durian/dark, Sabbia/light) was offer and sold out at Macy’s and Zappos earlier this year. The Nerin on Furla website is slightly larger (17” W x 11” H x 7”) and only available in Sabbia color. This bag is a steal, and I’m so thrilled to own it. Thanks for letting me share my story.
  3. Here are some pictures:

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  4. In my opinion, as I have a thorough experience with Italian leather workmanship, frankly - when mentioning it, there is no discrimination involved. It is the fact that people who have family tradition in some craft, will be able to learn it much better than a newcomers to that field. Saying it, I am actually saying that no industry can be developed from a zero point in a short while. In certain cases, rapid development bring quality issues, for lack of education and training in that field - I believe it is what tPFers mean when they want the articles to be produced in certain countries being known for sound tradition in the respective field.
    What bothers me about the low cost country is price point - I am aware that the producers get very small portion of earning, while money goes to somebody else (the prices never go down when production goes to a lower cost area).

    In my opinion, as I am owner of several Furla bags, the bags which were produced in Italy used to be much better quality (both craftsmanship and leather quality) and it is why I discontinued buying Furla after removing their production to other sites.
  5. i was doing a little research into brands to buy when i'm in paris next year and was just wondering if Furla or Gerard Darel is more popular there with parisian women? the price points are similar (with furla being a bit cheaper) and the leather quality seems to be high for both of them so i didn't want to get both ...
  6. Congrats on your Furla Woven Nerin. I actually had this handbag and eventually returned to Zappos. I looked at it and admired it, and in the end could not carry it because I cannot carry a bag in the crook of my arm - I only feel comfortable if I can fling a bag up on my shoulder. If only the handles had been a few inches longer it may have worked. But I also wanted to speak to the inconsistency of Furla because I also bought the bag from Macy's at a substantial discount and in fact the bag is still hanging there at a DEEP discount they cannot even practically give it away. The quality of the Macy's bag is terrible, it is woven much tighter and the color is not as nice as the Zappos even though they are both Sabbia. I just wanted to chime in when I saw your post. I really loved the bag, I loved looking at, I thought it was a true masterpiece and a great price when you compare to BV for instance. So glad you are happy with your Furla Woven Nerin - a beautiful bag.

  7. Another quick question about Furla bags - are all bags purchased in Paris 'made in Italy'? i read somewhere on the forum that they are cheaper to buy in Paris so am planning on waiting until i go there next year to pick some up
  8. i just got 2 in London and both of them says 'made in romania' but i'm happy with the quality of the leather!
  9. I have a beige Fulra bag that I adore. I will buy furla again
  10. i have an amelie hobo, durian (kind of a taupe/grey/moss color) that i love love love... it's my everyday bag. perfect size, ideal strap drop, soft, chewy pebbled leather. i would definitely buy furla again and again!
  11. I just received my new Furla Ardith handbag, and I don't see anywhere on the bag itself where it states where the bag was made. However, there was a label on the packing materials which states "made in Romania". Does the quality of bags made in Romania vary from the bags made in Italy??
  12. Hi Everyone

    I was visiting Rome at the weekend and bought a Furla Appaloosa in burnt orange with the suede stripe. The quality and finish is wonderful and I'm normally an LV and Gucci girl! The pricing is excellent and the staff very attentive. I will definitely invest in more from the brand. In fact I was so impressed I picked up a little Furla bag charm at the airport on the way home!
  13. Furla is definitely great quality for a great price! I hope they will open a store in Canada!
  14. I have a beautiful white Furla that I won in a contest about two years ago. I love it. I have one problem. A pen wreaked havoc in the inside...sigh..I am an idiot. And I am not sure what to do about that.