Funny Faces Kelly--anyone has them?

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  1. Perja: thanks for pointing that out... my bad.. you're right, 6000k would probably buy me the whole store :lol:

    Grands Fonds says these cute Kellys might be around 6K, but Licencetocook says it's around US$1500-3000? Considering it's small size, if it is indeed 6K, I don't think I'd get it... So expensive for such a small bag...

    Anyone knows if it also comes in larger sizes? And in what colors other than dark brown and orange?

    Can't help it though... these cute little Kellys have such happy faces, it'll surely make my day!!
  2. Grands Fonds: Wouldn't these cuties be great for our DDs?? So perfect... if only it were not 6K!:nuts: I agree with you... Not in my lifetime, and not for my 2.5 yrs old either!!
  3. whitebirkin- You can find them through resellers (especially in Japan) for $1500-4,000 USD. I've seen them in Rouge Vif, Orange, Brown (Ebene?), Green and I *think* Rouge H.

    GrandFonds said that you could order them through the store special order for $6k. I hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the info, Japster! Wow, a rouge vif would be really sweet!! Do you know of any specs Japanese resellers that are trustworthy and currently have one?

  5. Whitebirkin - which colours do you prefer (more than one as these are rare finds)? I can do a quick search on japanese websites for you. PM me and i'll let you know which of these resellers I have previously bought from.

    Mika sold all of hers already, but you could ask her to look out for one.

    Here's a rouge h/bordeau one.

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  6. One of my grail bags.
    I love the orange one only!
    I love the cartoon-y look of it.
  7. Anyone who has advice on purchasing one of these Kelly Idolles please post!! Anyone spots an authentic one (of course!) available for sale please PM me... Thanks!!
  8. Warning:
    They do make kelly idol replicas in Asia. If you are interested in buying these, you do need to be very very careful.

    PS. should I post the replica manufacturer websites on this thread? the first time I did this, some members thought I am the owner of these sites? Not sure about etiquette on this forum??!!!
  9. ^^ Yeah, there used to be this shop in Millenia Walk in Singapore, 'Lemon Dot' or something which has since closed down (thank goodness!) that used to sell these :throwup:! They sold them at approximately US$65 at their closing down sale!
  10. Yes, I remember Lemon Dot.
  11. Oh no...that's bad news...:sad: Tricia: did that shop in Spore actually have these exact replicas or did they sell them under a different brand? Licencetocook: I am really curious as to what the fakes look like, but I understand your concern... In one of the threads, I also got some pretty mean and sarcastic remarks :rant:when I said that I couldn't spot the differences between some pics of fake Birkins and the real ones. I guess the danger of people lurking to get infos, which they then use in order to produce fakes, is really prevalent more than ever. If you don't mind, you can PM me the pics. I am definitely not a reseller, nor some evil person doing the fake bags business... I'm a regular 30 yr-old housewife, with a cheeky 2.5 yrs old DD, who's mad crazy about Birkins, and whose husband is about to have a heart attack if he even finds out I'm on to my next quest for a Raisin or Violet Birkin :cutesy:
  12. That store sold other bags including Birkin and Kelly lookalikes and made not attempt to hide that. I don't know if they sold them under a different brand name. In fact, I never entered the store, I just did not like it.
  13. I bet these are going to be worth a ton in 20 years.