Funny Faces Kelly--anyone has them?

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  1. It is adorable !!! I want one, i want one , I want one~
  2. Cute but not a necessity in my book;)
  3. if i saw one, i might be tempted to buy hihihi
  4. a few more pics with kelly doll/bag in kaki and in orange. they are anywhere between USD 1,500 to 3,000 at various tokyo resellers. A rare item which is extremely popular in japan.

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  5. What size are they?? I'd love to see a picture of someone holding one - just cannot picture it.
  6. Oh it's very small at 16cm x 12cm x 7cm. I think someone should buy a few and sell them at ebay. It's too bad that I am clueless on ebay.
  7. I love that Quelle doll too, that's one of my grails.
  8. I'm not sure if these are authentic because I can't read the text, but found them through google.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. They're cute allright.. but for me they're just weird!! don't shoot me but i cant have a bag that keeps looking at me!! it looks like it can actually talk!!
  11. ^^I can understand. I admit I didn't like them when the first came out but I look at them more as a collector's piece to pass down to my dds.
  12. If anyone sees an orange one, please PM me.
  13. AWWW! I love those Quelle Dolls!
    I'd totally rock the darker colored ones! The orange just looks too cartoony to me.
    Too bad they're so teeny, though!