Funny Faces Kelly--anyone has them?

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  1. I saw a few pics of Kellys with funny faces on them, the ones with the hands and legs, sort of like Mr. Potato in Toy Story? I think they are soooo cute!! :lol::lol:My daughter would looove if she sees it (she's 2.5 yrs old but seems more like 21 when it comes to dressing up). Anybody who has them, pls post their pics here please.... And also, does Hermes still produce them? Can you SO them?
  2. WB, I've only seen them in the Japanese catalogs. I believe they are called "Quelle Idole" and were a limited run done especially for the year 2000 and haven't been in production since then that I'm aware of. Not sure if they can be SO'd; that may be a good question for a store manager.
  4. ^ I think they can be, but they're bloody expensive! I had one priced at around $6K last time I asked (for my DD, too!). 6K was too much for THIS 3 year old!!
  5. gosh, and i thought 500 dollars for a stuffed H horse was a lot!!!
  6. Oh 'fess up, GF......I know you have one of those babies..........
  7. oh cute i wanna see!
  8. Orchids:thanks for the info!! ... If they're only produced limited to yr 2000, the only way to buy it now is only through re-sellers? Anybody seen this at their local Hermes store anywhere?? Who knows they might still have some lying around...:girlsigh:
    Grands Fonds: 6000K???? :excl:
  9. She said 6k... 6000K would be a LOT :biggrin: I hope it comes with the whole company.
  10. double posting
  11. oh my ! they actually do sell it ?!
    Thanks for the link Tokyogirl !
    it's very very cute ... am tempted
  12. they look like they should be characters in blues clues!
    so cute, not sure if i would pay that much though.
  13. Quelle Idole needs her Birkin and Bolide sisters. Wouldn't that be cute? ;)
  14. They are cute, but too small to be functional (I think).