First Rolex can’t decide!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I’m about to get my first Rolex as a wedding present from my future hubby. I know I want a two-tone RG/SS Datejust 36mm but couldn’t decide on the dial.

    For reference, I’m 29 years old and would like to use the watch to dress up or down with jeans, blazers, etc.

    Of the three colors, which one would you choose? Or any other suggestions? Thank you so much!
  2. I love the light colored dial (the one on the right). It looks clean, classic, and would work well with any outfit. The rose gold two tone really contrasts well with the light colored dial.

    The light pink dial makes it look too feminine and I personally would fall out of love within the next decade.

    Perhaps the dark colored dial looks better in real life but from what I see in this picture, I'm not a fan at all.
  3. I agree with this! The pink dial would get old, imo.
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  4. I feel that the photo you attached of the pink dial is slightly more pink than how it look in real life. So I have attached a photo of mine for your reference :flowers:
  5. Of these, I prefer the white dial. I think it pops nicely with the RG/SS and is the most timeless of the three. GLD and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  6. I would choose a silver dial, with the rose gold markers it takes on a little rose hue which is very flattering - but white is also pretty clean, classic and crisp.

    The steel one is beautiful but in real life it is pretty dark.
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  7. I want to talk you out of the rose gold. Are you open to having that feedback? :biggrin: Please choose yellow gold because it's vastly more versatile and classic.

    The white dial is a forever classic that always looks fresh and works for dressing up and down. My fave of these three. The only other suggestion I have is to consider a mother of pearl dial.

    Keep us posted!
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  8. You can't go wrong with the white dial. If this will be dressed up and down, the white dial adds a crisp, finished look every time! Keep it classic for the first one.
  9. I love the grey dial. The rose is too feminine for me and the two tone and white is quinticential eighties which dates it in my book like an avocado fridge. ;)
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  10. Of the three I prefer the white dial but have you considered Sundust? It looks great with the RG and isn’t so pink. It’s also more unusual.
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  11. I have a pink dial that is more pink than this option with stainless steel and it is fabulous. The RG/SS two tone is chic, and ages well. I say go for the (Rose) gold all the way around.
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  12. Hi Gourmetgal, yes I love sundust but it only comes in a 28mm. Please correct me if I’m wrong!
  13. Hi jellyv, yes I’m also considering the yellow gold two-tone option. The only reason I’m choosing rose gold is because of my Cartier bracelet. Is it weird to have a rose gold bracelet with a gold watch, you think? With the gold one, I was leaning towards either a champagne or a silver dial. Would love to have the mop dial but I don’t think the future hubby would be down to spending $5000 more since only has the mop and diamond markers for the 36mm.
  14. Wow that’s beautiful! I’ve not seen it in real life but I can’t imagine it being so different in pictures! Thanks for the pic, Elegantlytwist!
  15. The pink dial appears differently under different light. But most of the time it’s appears more beigey pink-salmon pink than the photo you’ve shown. Hope that helps!
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