First Chanel: Classic Flap or Boy?

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  1. having both, i found myself using the boy at least once a week whereas the classic just sits in my closet because im afraid of scratching it:hrmm: let us know what you decided on!
  2. Hope you get the call soon, if you can try ghw and shw and don't hesitate to try both the classic and boy again to be 100%sure. My vote is for Classic - I have both but like others once I got my classics I felt I was covered, thus purchases after this could be fun and seasonal. Good luck!
  3. Classic flap!
  4. IMG_4981.jpg

    No regrets!

    But I’ll probably get a boy too eventually, but this was too timeless to pass up on.
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  5. I also got the classic flap first before the boy but I found I already use my boy way more than the classic. I got it in navy caviar with gold hardware, but you can’t go wrong with black!

    AT IMG_6785.jpg
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  6. ooo is this from the 17a collection like this one ? IMG_0570.jpg

    do you have any mod shots hehehe i’m not sure if i want black or navy for something different
  7. Yea it is from the 17A collection. I actually don’t have many mod shots but here the picture of me trying it on in the boutique.

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  8. Omg i actually think i like the navy better than black. It's not as boring and it'll be different from my ML flap. it's so nice! makes my heart skip a beat. I wonder if they will release one like that again :$ but even if they do it'll be impossible to get my hands on one in canada. i think you helped me decide not not getting a black boy ahhaa

    Also do you mind explaining like the different abbreviations of the collections like 17 a b, p, c etc and when they come out :P I remember someone explained it somewhere but i can;t seem to find it
  9. Haha glad I could help.

    I actually am not really sure about the abbreviations. I think A is prefall, B is fall, C is cruise, and P is spring. But don’t quote me in that lol.
  10. omgosh i just called my local chanel boutique & they have this navy boy in stock & only one left. it looks like the one you have ! i’m not sure if he hardware is different but i think i may have found the perf boy bag :$ even though it’s 1.3k more expensive here than in hong kong... should i pull the trigger ??

    they also have the black caviar ghw in stock IMG_1517250241.536661.jpg IMG_1517250284.529682.jpg
  11. Congrats, you finally pulled the trigger!! How're you finding the cf since getting her?
  12. My first : Classic Flap.

    It made perfect sense to me - if that's to be my only Chanel bag it would HAVE TO be a classic flap.

    Having said that, a few months later, I got a Boy

    I use both infrequently, but the Boy certainly more.
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  13. 2999FDCF-9E71-4AB7-B698-3FBBCA4B4AF3.jpeg I have both and luv both. But collected boys now.
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  14. I only give myself one chance to buy a chanel brand new from the store because they are so expensive. I picked the classic flap and couldn’t be more in love with it !
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  15. Love the red with ghw boy. Might have to be the color I get when I get boy - if not black again lol!