First Chanel: Classic Flap or Boy?

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  1. I think the boy can suit women over 30. Watch the burial scene in HBO's Big Little Lies and watch Laura Dern rock the boy bag like a sophisticated fashion forward lady!
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  2. Awesome!! Glad you like this and I totally encourage you restarting the collection. They're timeless and honestly an investment.

    I am getting the m/l caviar black classic flap with gold hardware - it wasn't available when I looked so I'm just waiting until they get more in!
  3. Yes that's all they had. I'd be happy to share my sales contact into. She was the nicest person. I was steps from the upper east side where I'm sure people walk in the buy one of everything becuase they can and she treated me no different than any other customer even though it was my first bag from them. I will buy from her from now on!
  4. I just love the boy. I have a red classic flap and black WOC AND suede classic flap. But I'm dying for a boy. That's my look. Currently been on ban for years now. Restarting my collection and if I don't get a boy I'll die literally. I love the look I'm going for a mini or small.
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  5. I'd go with the classic flap. It has a leather lining, unlike the boy, which is fabric lined. I personally think leather lining is more luxurious
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  6. I vote flap. It's stood the test of time. Boy bags are growing on me but I'm still undecided if I like them.
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  7. You'll never go wrong with a classic :smile:
  8. Boy boy boy!!
  9. Great choice! I vote for the classic flap too=) Mine's small and I love it as when I head out for drinks, I can wear it as a top handle bag or as a clutch :heart: :heart: :heart:
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  10. Trust me, you won’t stop at one chanel, if you like both styles, it doesn’t matter which one first, decide what combo you like in each style and snatch the one that comes up first! Eg I knew I wanted my boy in caviar hence cf in Lambskin to mix it up!

    I wasn’t soo keen on boy first but my guy convinced me otherwise, now boy is def one of my to go bags as its very versatile and can be dressed up and down!
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  11. I have both (both in medium) but use Boy way more often than the classic. ;)
  12. I got mini rectangular flap bag as my first because i really loved it.Now, considering the reissue.

    Choose then one that you “ personally” love more ❤️
    Chhose the one that you feel it represents ur personality.

    Good Luck !
  13. I understand...
    I like the classic on others but it is too classic for me. So, i totally don’t consider the classic.
    I agree the boy is an outfit an edge and looks cool on someone ur age.
  14. Totally agree.
  15. i was debating between the boy or the m/l flap when i got my first chanel. I got the classic flap but now i'm thinking i should've gotten the boy first. I'm from Canada so price wise, i save more on the ML flap in the states than getting a boy. and idk i always had my eyes on the classic and i find the boy strap too long as a shoulder bag. But vegas has the most option there and since boys are seasonal, i would've had a higher chance finding an old medium boy in black caviar with GHW..... :sad: and classics, i can always get that whenever and there's a lot in the preloved market while finding the perfect boy in the colour combo you want is hard.

    Is it too much to get a boy in black caviar ghw too? ;P or maybe i should go for another combo ? (navy with ghw?) thoughts?

    :sad: eventually i'll want both in my collection but for now i cannot spare another 7k on a bag :P but now i miss the crossbody option too.