First Chanel: Classic Flap or Boy?

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  1. Asking the ultimate question from all of you Chanel experts:

    Finally investing in my first bag - going with black, caviar, and GHW (whenever that combo comes back) - but cannot decide to go with the Classic small flap or old medium boy?

    Thoughts / comments / advice are all welcome!

    Thank you.
  2. @Fashion412 they are two entirely different looks and it's your decision in the end on where your gut feeling takes you. In my opinion I think everyone should start our Chanel collection's with a Classic black flap and then venture out to other models. Until you get that classic black flap safe at home in your closet you will never rest or be at peace.:nuts: Go for it!:smile::heart:
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  3. Personally I would say classic, but buy which one you love. Both are great bags and can't go wrong.
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  4. Classic
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  5. I would go for a classic flap as your first Chanel bag - as it says it's "classic" and it will never go out of style, you'll enjoy it for years and years to come, not sure about this yet with the boy bag... but in the end, only you can decide, so I would say the best is to check out and try on both styles at the boutique - I'm sure you'll immediately know which style makes your heart skip a beat more ;)
  6. Thank you!!! I'm an attorney, early 30s. I like to be edgy but I also like to keep it professional. Classic flap might be the best choice.
  7. Same industry! I'm in my late 20s and I got a black grained calfskin chevron Boy in RHW from the latest Fall Act for my first Chanel. CF is too common so I'll save it for later
  8. I purchased an old medium boy for my first Chanel. It's pretty structured and a little more difficult to get in and out of than I expected. I'm on the hunt for another bag to use more frequently. But you couldn't have told me to NOT get a boy a couple of months ago.
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  9. I have both. Size-wise they don't differ much -- meaning you can't fit very much in either one :PBoth can look professional imo; they just give you slightly different looks. Best is to go try them on and see which you prefer. (I personally prefer the boy.)
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  10. Yes, you definitely have to try both. I'm my personal opinion, I had the small and the old medium but I don't anymore. I Prefer the less chunkier chains and the original turnlock.just my opinion
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  11. Boy if you want another option of crossbody as the medium may look awkward on taller gals. My first was a boy and I'm really love it. I don't have medium flap yet so I can't really say but choose what makes your ️ sings. Good luck on your decision and keep us posted
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  12. I'm wearing my small classic flap today anyway so took some quick mod shots to compare the two for you. At the end of the day, it's a matter of personal preference. Both are gorgeous bags. Have fun deciding! :smile:
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  13. Follow your heart. I've seen quite a lot of people got the classic flap as their first chanel just because it's a classic piece and return it because it doesn't fit their life style. I think you can't go wrong with either :biggrin: good luck on the hunt!
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  14. If you don't mind me asking, is this bag for business, pleasure or both?
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  15. If you say you like to be edgy yet professional, that sounds exactly like what I would describe the Boy as.
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