FIRST BV!! Sloane

  1. Hi ladies. Just wanted to share my first BV. It is a preloved Ferro Sloane from 2008! This is also my first bag in 18 months and my first grey bag. After having my DD more than a yr ago, this was my first mommy purchase/splurge in so long!!! DH does not know how to shop. :sad:

    She is beautiful and has been taken cared for well. I love the Nappa Umbria leather. It has an iridiscent sheen to it. Am I crazy? I have been mostly into Chanel and YSL since I started collecting. But have always been enamoured with the Sloane. I just think the Sloane has the perfect hobo drape out of any make out there! The single strap is mom friendly and easy to manage on the crook of the arm.

    The downside is she is not weatherproof. I will have to use my LV on rainy days.

    Here she is next to my Chanel black Diamond Shine patent flap and alone.

    Bag ban is back on!
    1393563149895.jpg 1393563174896.jpg
  2. Congrats on your first BV!! What a great bag to break your ban with! The sloane does drape really beautifully and the color looks very versatile! :smile:
  3. Very nice!
  4. Beautiful Bag and Color !!!!! Congrats on your first B.V.
  5. wow! Gorgeous color!
    Congratulations on your dear DD and your new bag!!!
  6. Nice work! I think you'll get loads of use out of it.
  7. Nappa Umbria was a great leather treatment
    I wouldn't worry about the rain with your BV
    if it gets wet just let it dry out of the light
    It will be beautful
    I carry my BV in all weather
    I have even spilled a bottle of water inside and it did not stain the lining or the leather
    just let it dry naturally
  8. I second the do not worry 'too much' about the weather. I use my Medium Veneta so much (for 7 years) that the leather is so buttery soft, and still in great condition. Now mind you that I don't let it soak in the rain either, I just don't go to extreme measures of protecting it from the rain.
  9. Love your bag! BV makes such beautiful grays. Great choice!
  10. congrats on your beautiful Sloane! this is a lovely, neutral shade of grey.
  11. Congrats on your gorgeous Ferro Sloane. Ferro is such a beautiful color - wish BV would bring it back.

    Wear her in good health.
  12. Nope, not crazy. It is the one thing I love the most about my old Ferro Sloane. It also has an amazing chameleon-like quality to the color, which you will notice as you wear your Sloane.

    Congratulations, good job!
  13. What a nice bag. I love ferro. I have a ferro karung wallet and just adore the subtle metallic glow. Enjoy your bag!
  14. Beautiful color. Congratulations!
  15. What a gorgeous bag!!!!