Finally tPF secret sign resolution, I think

  1. Ok after a couple of polls, the keychain/charm I originally did for the ROAK came out on top.

    I replyed to everyone who e-mail me today, with payment instructions. So if you didn't see the e-mail check your spam or bulk folder.

    Just wanted everyone to know, I am not making any money off these..this is wholesale prices (that's why so cheap), just doing it as a service to tPF. I you want one and didn't already e-mail me, please do so as soon as possible. 80 are already spoken for out of the 100 piece order, so I need to know asap if I need to increase the order.

  2. You rock, Mary! : )
  3. love it!
  4. I got your email, thanks and paypal has been sent.
  5. By the way, the pricing includes shipping. Thanks
  6. Thanks Mary for all your hard work!! I can't wait to get my keychain! w00t!!

    I'm so glad this is coming into fruition and can't wait to say hello to some of you out there when I spot the keychain! :yahoo:
  7. Just read your email and sent payment. Can't wait to get it and display it on my LV.
  8. Thanks Mary!!! Just sent payment for 2 of these babies. I'm gonna try to get one of them gold plated!!!
  9. MJ, let us know how the gold plated one turns out! Would love to get another one to gold plate as well if it's a success. :smile:
  10. Just sent payment :wlae: :yahoo:

    PS: I want my name on the gold one waiting list (if it ever comes... my life is jumping from one waiting list to another :roflmfao: )
  11. Hi Twinkle,

    I just PM'd you.
  12. GOLD? Hmmm..
  13. I just sent you a PM. I would love one.
  14. I paypal-ed you the money a little bit ago. Thanks!
  15. I'll be sending my payment out by the end of today!! yay!!! cant wait to put it on my speedy