Finally there are some bags where US has the cheapest retail price! Only until Apr 30

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  1. #1 Apr 18, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
    I used to envy people who live in other countries where Chanel bags are retailed at lower prices. Finally there are some bags where US has the cheapest retail price! Only until Apr 30 though... because the price increase in the US is May 1.

    This website has updated the recent April price increase in the UK and euro using countries, and Canada.

    The cheapest retail price for classic flap m/l, classic flap maxi, and Reissue 227 are currently in the US!

    Canada is the cheapest for the GST, while Turkey is the cheapest for the mini, the classic flap jumbo, and Reissue 226. UAE is the cheapest for Reissue 225.

    For quilted boys, the small is the cheapest in the US. The old medium and new medium are the cheapest in Canada. The large is the cheapest in the US if you are buying from stores that are still selling at the $4500, and haven't increased to $5200.
  2. very helpful Valentine2014!!!! thanks so much for putting this together!! :biggrin:

    and yay for us on the m/l flaps! ;)
  3. Heh heh! Yeah for me on the Maxi n 227!
  4. are you looking for a specific one in either style???? should I be on the lookout for one for you???? :graucho:
  5. I have already bought them in preparation for the price increase! :smile: Only one color in maxi that has eluded me... 13B metallic Charcoal Grey!
  6. yay!!!!! congrats and smart thinking!!! that 13B might pop up! you never know :biggrin: I think I saw a post recently where someone just purchased a brand new 11 or 12 item that was probably forgotten about somewhere! I will also keep my eyes and ears open for you! I will also ping my SAs :hugs:

  7. Thanks!

    I bought the 12A red maxi and 11p silver mini recently. :smile: but they didn't have the 13B charcoal grey maxi. :sad:
  8. I wish I could go to Canada now and buy a quilted boy new medium
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    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
    Valentine2014 these are great news, but don't let Tutu see this. It is may affect Ban Island like a tropical storm or hurricane. :lol:
  10. Thank you for posting this useful information and congrats on your lovely finds! :smile:
  11. U r welcome & thanks!
  12. Ha ha ha! Yea, the m/l is right up her alley. :smile:
  13. Thank you valentine! Now if I could only find a boy here in Canada....
  14. My parents are in Turkey right now, I'll try to convince them to get me a mini flap bag! Thanks for the information xxx
  15. I am just curious about this "buying outside USA" strategy. Normally, one has to pay tax at the US custom for things bought outside USA, unless one hides them in the luggage...which is risky, if get caught, the penality is huge... So, if paying tax at US custom, is it still worthy to buy at France, Turkey or Canada? Last time, I drove from canada back, the custom people searched very hard to try to look for unreported things...