Finally the Louboutin fairies smiled down on me.... and I went MAD!

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  1. OMG! They are gorgeous! They look like they were made for you! Lucky lucky girl!!!
  2. Thank you my sweet brintee, candyny, kamilla and lula! :flowers:

    candy - you sound about the same size as me actually, although my feet are a bit weird, I am a true size 38, my Decolletes, Nookas and Ornirons are a 38, my Iowa Zeppa's are a 38.5.... yet these are a 39.5!! So odd. Thing to remember - they have a mary jane strap so if they are a little large for you, the strap will hold 'em on! ;) better that then getting toesies squished :Push:
  3. Leescah, they're perfect on you!!! Congrats!!!
  4. ^ Thank you my lovely lovely! :hugs:
  5. Congrats on the HG!! You rock them Leescah :woohoo:
  6. ^ YAY thank you honey!! Not seen you around for a little while, hope everything is cool with you? :smile:
  7. ^Thanks :biggrin: All's good but work is manic 24/7:choochoo: so I'm not around TPF as much....
  8. Hahaha! Love that 'choo choo train' emoticon! So cute! Glad you're ok anyway chick xx
  9. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE the suede!!
  10. Aww thanks Leescah - it's nice to know I have people looking out for me :hugs:
  11. Congrats on finally getting a pair, Leescah! I hope to be as lucky one day. They look wonderful on you!
  12. Congrats they are FAB!!
  13. :nuts:

    They're pure hotness - totally worth raiding the wedding fund for these beauties. My fave CL style ever and in the GREY SUEDE :faint:

    Congrats on getting your stunning UHG :smile:
  14. oh my lord oh my lord oh my lord

    those are gorgeous!! how much were they ??

    i need these :biggrin:
  15. Awww you guys really know how you make a girl feel good lol!! Thank you nerdy, jred, samina, straight-laced and emmaamme :flowers:

    emmaamme - I won them on eBay for an 'on-the-cusp-of-what-I-feel-comfortable-paying' sum of £500 including postage. Which I actually think is about what they retailed for a few seasons ago, actually.... so not too bad really (but still feels like a lot to me lol).

    Funny thing - I took them to the cobbler today, firstly to buy some suede protector and also to see if he could do something about the strap on the right foot, simply because my right foot is my smaller foot and the strap could do with being maybe 5mm shorter for a truly snug fit. Anyway I took them out of a bag to show them to the guy and he took one look at them, then refused to touch them - because they were CL's!! Talk about having no confidence in your work!! Although I did have to thank him for being honest; last thing I would have wanted was for him to attempt something and ruin them... oh god it doesn't even bare thinking about... :Push: