Finally the Louboutin fairies smiled down on me.... and I went MAD!

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  1. Lisa, I so adore them on you!!!
  2. congrats lisa!!! i adore mads!!!
  3. They are stunning! Congrats!
  4. Congrats! I love them!!!
  5. :woohoo:very nice!
  6. congrats on getting your UHG! they look fantastic on you!
  7. Total awesomeness! Congrats and wear them well!
  8. I'm so glad you got them Hon'

    They look amazing on you, it makes me want them even more now !
  9. They look amazing on you. Congrats on getting your hands on your UHG!
  10. Thank you SO MUCH to moshi, karwood, rilo, lhasa, alice, jaszmine, cllover, jennified, socalboo, savvy, raffaluv, laureen, meggy, michelle, lav, yaya, louboutinnerd, sara, yellow08, fiery, mizcolon, mal, authenticplease, nancy, jancedtif, ebaybags, shainerocks, kuromi, rdgldy, carlinha, inspiredgem, naked, laney, melia, regeens, aeross and japskivt!! Phew!!! :flowers:

    Fiery - I certainly hope the suede will be versatile, once I've protected them to within an inch of their lives haha!! I need to get some spray this weekend so I can wear them out on Sat night! :nuts: They feel like they're going to be pretty comfy too... always a bonus lol!

    MichelleD and Shainerocks - don't worry one day some MM's for you will pop up on eBay - you just gotta keep stalking like crazy, I had honestly given up hope of finding some for myself so it does happen.

    socal - my DF was pleased you liked the photo with the putter lol - he thought it was pretty funny, especially since I was like "CAREFUL! Just NUDGE the shoes... that's it.. careful... WHOA I SAID CAREFUL!!" :P
  11. They could not be more beautiful on you, Leescah!!! Congratulations! Absolutely TDF!
  12. Hehe! Thanks J! :hugs: I can't wait to wear them - I knew I shoulda brought them to work with me today, just so I could sit and stare at them!! :girlsigh:
  13. Those are awesome Leescah! :love: I love the suede! Congrats on your HG!!
  14. They are so beautiful. Those are also my UHG too!!! I have been lusting for the grey suede, too. What size do you think for someone w/ a 38 to 38.5? Wear them in good health.
  15. Congratulations! How nice that you finally got the pair that you've been lusting over for so long. The Mad Marys are still one of my favorite CL styles, they are amazing. Enjoy them.