Favourite color of all time for longchamp le pliage?

  1. navy
  2. Orange
  3. I think I'd go for a camel colour. It may be my next purchase.
  4. I agree caramel. Possibly a nice blue!
  5. It doesn't clash at all, and it is a very French color combination!
  6. Bilberry is probably my favorite L color, as it is just so unique. Pistache from a few years ago is beautiful, too.

    Still, I have practically every style in Navy, because it goes with everything.
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    I have a medium one with short handles in a neutral olive green, is very versatile! I use it with different shades of brown, beige, wine, blue, also great with jeans... I really use it a lot! I just found out the name of the color is Loden Green!
  8. @Bond7Girl: Hmm. If that's true, I think I may just go for navy over my browns...
  9. I *think* black is my favorite so far.
    Trying to decide on another....something for the warmer months.
    I have ordered several but cannot decide...maybe beige or slate (I like neutrals ;))
  10. 1. myrtille/bilberry
    2. slate/taupe
  11. Bilberry!
  12. Another fan of bilberry :smile:
  13. A tie between Bilberry, Black, and Navy 😁
  14. Black and navy
  15. I love Orange, I own the small and the large in that color.