Favourite color of all time for longchamp le pliage?

  1. yay, thanks! just saw it this morning. Although, after looking at the fall colors, and considering my own collection, I think I'm just going to be happy with my chocolate. As much as I love the brighter color bags, I'm mainly using the larges as true toes - for gym stuff, travel, etc. They get pretty banged up with, so I'm going to stick to the darker shades that show less wear. :smile:
  2. I love my graphite! It looks gray and blue depending on the light.
  3. bilberry, but then i am biased as i love purple!
  4. I was looking at all colors, I liked bilberry, navy, duck blue, camel, chocolate, every hour I was deciding on different one. Finally I chose graphite and next day went to Bloomindales and purchased..... black one.
    And I think that was the right decision - match to everything and look just gorgeous.
  6. My fall purchase was a small short handle in black.
    If i ever get a med, it will be bilberry!
  7. Definitely is Navy ...
  8. Wouldn't a navy Longchamp clash with black clothes, and vice versa for black Longchamp and navy clothes? I don't have much black (only a lot of navy) so that wouldn't be a huge issue for me -- I was just wondering if anyone has tried to pair those two colors together.
  9. No! I love navy and black together !!! You can see the bag so much better !!!!!
  10. Anyone has burgundy? Closer to deep red or deep purple? I can hardly imagine it..
  11. I am absolutely obsessing about Bilberry - will be my first Longchamp. Yeeeey!
  12. As a leaving gift from my colleagues I just received a Le Pliage - Black with brown leather - I'm so overwhelmed! hadn't expected this as a gift! I love it and will truly miss my colleagues!
  13. Navy!
  14. what a great and thoughtful gift !
    I love nothing more than giving/receiving practical gifts.
    You will use her for years !!
  15. Definitely navy! Goes with everything.