F/W 2012 - Bal Intel

  1. Here is my Mangue City RH.
  2. Gorgeous, this color is starting to grow on me more and more, and it looks like a yummy watermelon!
  3. kobe939 and thedseer, here's another pic of the RT, with my Black in RGGH also. :love:
  4. LOVE this color and your City is gorgeous.
  5. attaching again, a smaller size image :smile:
    CITY RT and Black in RGGH.JPG
  6. I love this! The color is so vibrant and beautiful! Congrats! :smile:
  7. Too pretty! Now i really want something in this color :p
  8. I got it and I love it. The blue IS very versatile. I was worried for nothing. I am giddy over the twiggy style-so fun and easy to use. Its not too deep and its shape is fun. I have a city and a part time but this may be my favorite.
  9. Any more info on the black grh bags coming this fall? I'm hoping a pic will leak out already!!!
  10. Hello there.
    Is the bag on your avatar an Outremer or a French Blue please?:drool::confused1:
  11. Here are 2 photos sent by my SA, Marie, at the City Centre store in Vegas. I'm loving the Bleute alot. (if they were posted already, I apologize, I tried to scan the vast number of pages)

    Latte GSH City


    Bleute GSH City
  12. OMG!!! LOVE this color!!! So rich and vibrant but not obnoxiously bright and glaring. Enjoy!!!
  13. Very beautiful! I'm tempted, but I bought a Mimosa city last year which was a debacle in terms of color protecting, etc. I never even used it and it came back to me looking like it had been carried for months. Never again with a yellow bal.
  14. Saira, what do you think of a clutch in yellow? Also high maintenance you think? I am considering one in Mangue RH and wanted to know what you think considering your experience. TIA :smile:
  15. Hey * Sun*,
    How 'ya doin'?!?!?!

    Was just out in Cali/LA the last 2 weeks; planning to move out west by Jan-2013!! Saw a number of bags at the LA/Melrose store, but missed quite a few of the colors (really wanted to see Cumin!).

    Still want to see a few colors IRL before I commit the $$$!