Eyebrow threading - how much does it hurt?

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm having my brows threaded for the first time tomorrow. I was just wondering how much I can expect in terms of pain? I've heard it hurts, but is relatively bearable.

    Also, does it help to take painkillers (like ibuprofen) beforehand? I've heard some people do this with waxing.

    Thanks :smile:

  2. Threading is great! I find the pain level is about the same as waxing, the difference being that with waxing the pain is over in a second when the strip gets ripped off but with threading it lasts a bit longer as the thread winds along the brow (you'll understand what I mean after tomorrow!). It leaves a much cleaner arch and lasts longer than waxing for me. Good luck!

  3. :tup:. I find threading my left eyebrow more painfull than doing the right one. I have no idea why :confused1:
  4. I just learned about threading the other day. My friend gets it done (to her whole face I think), and it really looks fantastic. The arch on her eyebrows is so clean. I think the pain level really varies from person to person, as with waxing and plucking. Plucking and waxing doesn't hurt me much at all, and my friend says she thinks the threading actually feels kind of good!!
  5. I've found threading to be much more painful. However, it's bearable, lasts longer than waxing & seems to allow for more precise hair removal. Also, it doesn't cause me to breakout like waxing.
  6. I found it more painful the first few times but then I got used to it. With waxing the pain is over quickly but when I first got it done it seemed like the threading goes on forever. I also found that it differs with the person I got to. With some people I just seem to feel nothing.
  7. I can honestly say it really depends on who is doing the threading, sometimes it will hurt more than other times. Its not that bad, just a bit uncomfortable and your eyes may tear up a bit. Nothing unbearable. threading your eyebrows will give a lovely clean shape - its definetly worth it imo.
  8. Threading will give you great results but like everyone has already said - it does hurt. You can literally hear the pop pop pop of the thread pulling the hairs out. :sweatdrop:
  9. Thanks for the info girls, Origins is currently doing threading in my store atm! :smile:
  10. Threading hurts! But...it is bearable, and I prefer it to waxing. =)
  11. it didn;t hurt me and better results than waxing......
  12. Threading doesnt hurt at all! i tear up because i havent done it in a while, but otehr than that, ilove it.
  13. Thanks girls... I had it done today! My eyebrows look sooo good and it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. :biggrin:
  14. How does it work? What do they do it get the hair out? Im so confused
  15. i prefer threading to waxing, and I always tell myself to take tylenol/advil before I go to ease the sting... but I always forget and end up tearing up....