Eyebrow threading - how much does it hurt?

  1. i want to try threading, but the only place i know of that does it nearby is a cart at the mall lol. so you're sitting next to one of those carts in the middle of the mall getting your eyebrows threaded...awkward.

    i've never even tried waxing before, i always just stuck with tweezing...which doesn't hurt that much IMO.
  2. I have dark thick hair and get my eyebrows threaded and upperlip. Upper lip is so fast and it takes less than a minute or so no pain. My eyebrows are done quickly and hurt a little but I hate plucking much worse. The pain is less than waxing. The woman who said it took a long time should find someone else. My hairdresser does mine she is Chaldean. At one mall I go to the lady is Indian and so gentle it does not hurt at all.
  3. Yes I've had it done twice and it was quite painful but I have sensitive skin in terms of pain thresh hold...and I don't like too much pain.
  4. I think it hurts but it probably pulls on your skin less than waxing, so less wrinkles? I dunno. Probably go back to getting waxed.
  5. Threading hurts like a #@&^$!!! But it leaves a great shape. My hair grows fast so it doesn't matter whether I wax or thread because it will be back in a week :p
  6. Threading is the best!! I have been getting my eyebrows and lip done for the last 10 years. The results are more precise and it lasts longer than waxing or plucking. It also doesn't pull and stretch your skin like waxing. I don't even feel it anymore, the pain gets better with time.
  7. It hurts ALOT. It made my eyes water like crazy, but I guess the more you have it done the less it hurts. Personally after that one time I didn't want to go back :smile: I now wax and even that hurts like hell! I am very senseitive to pain.
  8. Most of the times I go, it doesn't really hurt. However, the last time I went, while the tech worked quickly (which I like), it was somewhat painful, and I then had a bright red line across my forehead for a decent portion of the afternoon. I now know not to have my brows threaded from her. :p
  9. I live in the states how much does it typically cost?
  10. When I had mine done it was $7 I think? Its been a long time since I did it but I really did like it. I don't think it hurts too much, maybe a teeny tiny bit worse that plucking but only because a lot of hairs are being pulled instead of just one. But I think it hurts less than waxing. I don't know why I haven't done it again since I was so pleased with the results.
  11. When I've gone (Boston area) prices are around $10-12 for brow threading.
  12. It hurts a LOT but it's worth it far more then waxing.
  13. I prefer using a mini shaver to "shape" the eyebrows and trimming it with little scissors. It grows back really quick, but waxing and threading over a long period of time WILL cause the skin to loosen!
  14. + 1...
    And my eyebrows are long overdue :s Also, threading tends to hurt more closer to that "time"...
  15. I actually enjoy getting my eyebrows threaded! Doesn't hurt one bit. Feels as good as scratching an itch, IMO. I find it very relaxing. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance because I also don't mind getting mammograms or having dental work done either. LOL!