Explorations in vintage Dooney & Bourke

  1. I love that backpack!
  2. I adore these vintage bags, especially the maroon satchel, thats very nice. For me with Vintage, if its good quality leather and I like how it looks Im not fussed what the name on the tag says, unfortunately I cant say the same with modern bags - Im not that saintly with those! :smile:
  3. I looove these Tetons...
    db4-1 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    I'm beginning to wonder about this one as I haven't seen another like it. It has the 'DB' hang tag, not the duck.

    db4-2 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    Pre-AWL Esquetarian.

    db4-3 by dentonTay, on Flickr
  4. Beautiful
    Thank you for sharing
  5. yeah same here.
  6. Great collection! I really love the way you grouped them for the pictures!
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    I love this vintage silk Ungaro outfilt... Dark green bag.

    db710-1 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    The light is playing tricks with this early full flap green label bag.

    db710-2 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    Black Essex, and oh, looks like a haircut :smile:

    db710-3 by dentonTay, on Flickr
  8. Great collection-love the way you put everything together!
  9. Nice!
  10. I'm mesmerized! I love those colors! :cloud9:
  11. I've noticed two early twenties women walking around with this Big Duck bag recently, and I've also noticed they can get expensive on eBay because of this. Couldn't pass up this color!

    dooney731-10 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    My wife loves these Norfolks, especially the bigger ones like this. They hold a lot of stuff!

    dooney731-11 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    This is probably their best-selling bag, navy Equestrian, simple and elegant, if common.

    dooney731-12 by dentonTay, on Flickr
  12. I have just recently started collecting vintage dooney and vintage coach. Your collections are amazing! Inspiring!!!
  13. This one I would love your help on. I ran into it from the same seller on Bonanza and eBay. It appears to be genuine croc, leather lined. The shape and interior logo look like early Dooney, as does the brass tag. The seller stated that Dooney was making skin bags for a very short time. I've never seen another one of these, nor could I find a reference to any Dooney skin bags. Anyway, real or not, it's beautiful!!!

    dooney82-10 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    With its drop-down wallet and fringed ends, this Kilty is Dooney's most delightfully quirky bag.

    dooney82-12 by dentonTay, on Flickr

    And another big Norfolk:

    dooney82-11 by dentonTay, on Flickr
  14. Love your collection. Really like those Teton bags - never knew they existed - now I want one.