Epic Paris Trip! Reveal?

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  1. beautiful bag! congratulations!!
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  2. Congrats, such a stunning red.
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  3. Beautiful bag!!! Many congrats
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  4. What a wondering story, you took me on a ride and I love it!
    Congrats and enjoy this beauty!
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  5. Wonderful story!
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  6. Congratulations!!!
    So happy in the end your persistence paid off!
    And thank you for a good for the laughs. Great post.
    You got a stunning bag. I’m mostly into GHW as well, but there are a few bags where PHW is it. This is definitely one of them! Enjoy her and Happy Anniversary!
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  7. Love your bag. Think the color and hardware are perfect! Enjoy!
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  8. I really enjoyed reading your reveal story; I felt your excitement so vividly! You are a brave woman to go through all of that with a toddler in hand! Bravo to you as you deserve it! Rouge Casaque is beautiful with GHW or PHW. Enjoy the beauty and happy anniversary!
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  9. Your bag is awesome!
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  10. Congrats dear, so glad it finally worked out at the end!
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  11. Such a heartwarming story. I am so glad that you got your B, even if it wasn't your HG, this was clearly the one you were meant to have. She's beautiful. Enjoy in good health.
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  12. A beautiful, beautiful bag. Enjoy this, the experience and look forward to reminding your daughter of the story when she asks you to borrow this in years to come!
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  13. OP, your bag is absolutely stunning.
    As I was reading through the whole story, I felt a bitter taste.
    Please, I don’t mean to be rude and probably I should not say that, because I don’t own any Hermes bags, but to force a client with a toddler run around Paris, it’s too much for me.
    I know that I’m not knowledgeable and thus very quiet here on TPF.
    But my original euphoria for the OP finding a treasure, sank as I realized what she had to go through to get this bag.
    I know, it’s probably not my place, but I had to share my feelings.
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  14. What a great story and a stunning bag!!! May you have many more adventures with your DD. My “little girl” turns 14 tomorrow and we still have adventures together!!! Enjoy the time with DD, they grow up so quickly. And enjoy that amazing bag!
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  15. Thank you, @lvgucciaddict38! How heartwarming to hear that you and your precious girl are still exploring. I can only imagine your memories! Wishing you a happy holiday and a 2019 full of adventures!
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