Epic Paris Trip! Reveal?

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  1. That's what I was thinking too!
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  2. Congrats!!!
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  3. Gorgeous bag! Such a rich and vibrant red!
    And wonderfully written tale! You had me rooting for you all the way!
    And :tup: to your DD for accompanying you on this adventure! May she soon slide down the orange slope with Mummy!
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  4. Thank you! It was a bit much at the children's park in the Tuileries Gardens but it's our last day in Paris and I had to rock it! It's definitely a vibrant bag with presence and I think she will do just fine in LA/SF/NYC. Ahhh! :nuts:

    IMG_9125.jpeg IMG_9161.jpeg
  5. Congrats! So happy your H story has a Happy ending :heart:
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  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures and your pictures. So glad it paid off in the end. Stunning bag!
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    Thank you all again for the sweet comments! Just wanted to add this classic shot of her flaps closed! :P
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  8. Epic story, and absolutely GORGEOUS purse!! Your persistence really paid off!!!!
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  9. What a beautiful bag! What a great ending to a crazy story.
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  10. good idea! Let's discuss that further.....
  11. Congrats on your Birkin!

    You should keep that marmelade-jar for further purposes, it seems that smearing jam into you hair is your lucky charm ;)
  12. LOVE IT!! Beautiful bag!!

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  13. Really enjoyed reading your story. Congratulations! Rouge casaque is such a beautiful color. Love it with palladium hardware like many others.
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  14. Oh my!! Congratulations!!!! I love loved reading your experience, beautifully written. And your bag is just gorgeous!!!! Stunning!!! Enjoy her in great health!!!
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  15. What an entertaining read...and a beautiful cherry to top it all off Your Birkin is gorgeous and I say that with fervor!
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