Epic Paris Trip! Reveal?

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    My 10 year anniversary Paris trip turned into a mommy-daughter adventure when my husband could not leave town for work. After seeing some sights with 2 year old DD, we started the Hermes hunt. Exhausting was an understatement. Keep in mind that this entire H journey happened whilst tethered to a 2 year old toddler. I got rejected from the FSH appointment system for 3 days and on the 4th day/attempt, I got an appointment. Yesterday, I went to a different H boutique, Rue de Sevres Hermes, and received a same day appointment. I was told to wait, so we ate at a cafe nearby and spent time at a park where i lost my new Apple AirPods! During the appointment I gave them my wishlist and my holy grail: a gold clemence B 35 in ghw but I was happy to take a 35 Birkin or 32/35 retourné Kelly in clemence, swift or another supple leather in other neutral colors in ghw. The SA left and 5 minutes later came back with the sad news: no Kellys, no Birkins (and your AirPods-- a recent gift from DH-- are gone). I felt very defeated strolling back to the hotel.

    I'm not even going to go into the stress of my cc being left back in the States and moving mountains to access funds in the middle of the night during Columbus day, a national bank holiday.

    Today, DD and I waited in line at 10am at Rue de Sevres Hermes to try our luck again. There were two glorious delivery trucks bringing huge(!) boxes in before opening. I took a picture of someone taking pictures of the line.

    IMG_8935-3.jpeg IMG_8936-1.jpeg

    DD and I wait in the cold for about 30 minutes and when the doors opened, I pick up DD and straight up LEFT THE STROLLER ON THE STREET so I could run down the bottom floor where they were taking first come, first serve appointments when SECURITY STOPS US TO INSPECT MY DIAPER BACKPACK!!! Imagine the horror of the people behind me running ahead while security dude rummages through the backpack on my back! He could barely zip it back up when I FLED to the bottom floor to reach an SA.

    Long story short, I speak with an SA, give her my wishlist and she comes back with a canvas Garden Party that I refuse. She cannot make eye contact with me when I ask if she's sure there are no Birkins or Kellys available.

    We take an Uber to another Hermes store on George V and it's the same thing. No bags available for me. We see other ladies from the previous store try their luck but we leave before we see their fate.

    Finally, DD and I grab something to eat at a super touristy cafe where the servers wear striped shirts and sailor hats. We make a detour at Tiffany's while Mommy tries on seven stone bands. Then we shop at a health market for eggs, lox and dinner because at this point, I'm sure FSH will reject me again and I need to get back to the real world and figure out dinner. As luck would have it, my appointment gets moved up an hour and now we are 10 minutes late. There is construction/filming/police that keep us from following Google Maps on our stroller and we get there as fast as we can. I'm now breaking a sweat pushing a loaded stroller through a maze of French cobblestones.

    WE GET TO THE FLAGSHIP STORE. I am directedupstairs to the leather department to meet with a sober faced woman who asks for my wishlist. She does not seem to care that my husband couldn't make it to our 10 year anniversary trip or that I travelled to Paris with a toddler on my lap for 12 hours with the hopes of getting a Birkin or a Kelly. I tell her that this is the end of the road for me. Three days of failed appointment attempts and 3 previous store disappointments. I tell her I want:
    -Holy grail: 35 gold birkin with gold hardware in clemence, swift or some other buttery leather (I returned a pre-owned one I purchased last year as it turned out to be Togo and I long for the hand feel of clemence.
    -Kelly 32 or 35 retourne in ghw
    Colors: gold, black, etoupe, etain, neutrals, red, even pink, ANYTHING AT THIS POINT

    She disappears for 15-20 minutes. Much longer than the previous store visits. Every time I see a SA walk by with a box, I wonder if it's her. I pray she comes back with a big box. Then I tell myself that one prays when one's family members are sick. Not when you're in Paris and you're pleading with God to get you a Birkin bag. The wait lasts for an eternity. SA comes back carrying a big orange box and two little ones. She tells to come with her to another room and that I can leave the stroller in the plaza area.

    WE'RE IN THE PRIVATE ROOM WITH THE BIG BOX. She says, I know you wanted neutrals but we don't have anything. I know you wanted gold hardware but that's not available. But I have this (color) that is very nice. She reveals it. I am disappointed that it's palladium hardware but am pleased with the color. I open the bag, STICK MY HEAD INSIDE AND TAKE A BIG WHIFF OF THE NEW BAG SMELL and say, "I haven't done that in 8 years!" She laughs.

    She asks if DD and I want something to drink. SA warms up and starts talking about her family and we relate on motherhood. She brings apple juice for tot and champagne for mom. I'm so excited I can barely remember my address when filling out forms.

    SA offers to have the bag sent to my hotel but I'm too excited to let it go. DD and I über to the hotel with the big glorious box hidden in a white bag along with the diaper backpack that held us back 3 stores ago, the stroller, and a bag of groceries we bought between stores, including a bottle of wine I purchased in advance to drown my anticipated sorrows. I planned my outfit and makeup meticulously this morning and by the time we got to FSH I had stained pants, sneakers I changed into and dried strawberry jam in my hair.


    The pictures are subpar but I'm too excited and in shock that all this just went down in the City of Light in the last 24 hours.
    IMG_8989.jpeg IMG_8993-2.jpeg

    May I introduce... my Paris Birkin!

    35 Clemence(!) Rouge Casaque Birkin in PHW!

    It's modern, classic and a truly lovely red. It reminds me of Samantha's Birkin from SATC.

    I write this hurried and excited post as I look out the hotel window with the Eiffel Tower peeking above the skyline as it twinkles during sunset. I will remember this trip forever and cherish all the memories with my sweet girl and the insanity we went through to get this friggin' bag!

    Thank you for letting me share my story!
    IMG_8935-3.jpeg IMG_8935-3.jpeg IMG_8936-1.jpeg
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  2. :heart::heart:Congrats!!!!!! It’s a beautiful bag!!!!!
  3. Congratulations on your beautiful bag!!!! You did great considering you had your DD with you.
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  4. Huge congrats! The B looks beautiful.
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  5. Congratulations! Such a beautiful and vibrant B!
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  6. Gorgeous bag!
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  7. Wonderful story, AMAZING bag! True classic! Enjoy this bag in good health! What a happy memory it will bring every time you carry her! I am so glad that you had success!
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  8. great bag and great story!
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  9. I felt such happiness and excitement while reading your post...
    Congratulations!!! Gorgeus color!!
    Post modelling pics!
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  10. congrats! I can totally feel your relief :smile:

    If the delivery man knows that many ladies are lusting after his packages which he so casually delivers? :biggrin:
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  11. What a gorgeous red bag! I really enjoyed your story too! Congrats!

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  12. Congrats! The bag is beautiful!
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  13. Congrats! I'm glad it all worked out in the end. It's such a nice red and the hardware matches it!
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  14. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! I really enjoyed your story and laughed out loud several times. Indeed a trip to remember! And happy anniversary :smile:
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  15. Beautiful. I much prefer this color with the PHW anyway.
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