ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Thanks!
  2. For our first anniversary my husband upgraded the stone on my ring. I’m in school for jewelry so I picked an E color VVS1 clarity 2.3 ct radiant cut moissanite. I chose it because it has a refractive index high than diamonds, which means it has more brilliance than a diamond and it’s a fraction of the cost. It’s also hard to tell the difference with an untrained eye. It’s also hard to tell the difference with an untrained eye.

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  3. Lovely ring! I'm actually quite curious about moissanites because the pictures always look nice on Instagram with the indoor lighting etc. so I have always wondered if they look as close to diamonds under natural light [emoji848]
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  4. Thank you!! They look pretty close, I can tell the difference because I’ve spent the last year studying diamonds. Moissanites have more of those rainbow flashes, and diamonds have more white flashes when they sparkle. They are a lot more sparkly which is noticeable but most people just assume that it’s a very well cut diamond, not that it’s not a diamond.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Some pictures I've seen of moissanites look a tad whitish in sunlight, similar to what I've noticed for diamond simulants and very few shops where I am sell moissanites so I've not seen one in person [emoji28]
  6. I purchased mine online sight unseen and I was very happy when I received it. I’d highly recommend the Etsy shop I purchased mine from. They’re prices are great and the stone is a great quality stone. They’re called hirogemsjewels. Then my jeweler who made the ring swapped out the stones.
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  7. Thanks, their prices are indeed reasonable! I've been looking at the rings offered by true gem company and their prices are much higher so I've been hesitant as I want a ring which I can travel with while my engagement ring stays in safe lol...
  8. The brand name moissanites are much more expensive than just buying any loose moissanite stone.
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  9. Thanks for letting me share, everyone! Recently started falling in love with my ring again-- I've been preoccupied. Center stone: 2.01 carat, E color, GIA certified cushion cut. And the last one is a pic with my ring alongside family heirlooms! Every woman on my mom's side of the family has a ring that was passed down to them for a few generations. They then pass it down to their children. But since three of my aunts never had any children, they are all passing their rings down to me :smile: I love that each one is so unique! Just like my aunts.
    upload_2019-5-21_17-41-2.png upload_2019-5-21_17-41-20.png upload_2019-5-21_17-43-37.png
  10. Congratulations! Beautiful collection! And most probably very nice family altogether and lots of love. As to the rings, I believe that "less is more" and each ring deserves to be worn individually. Only my opinion. And YOUR OWN RING is TO DIE FOR:smile:)))) Amazing!
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  11. Your collection is stunning! I love antique rings, especially those from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras. I love how rings are a piece of tangible history.
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  12. Very pretty and so unique!
  13. Yes, thank you! I feel very fortunate. I love that they are all pretty uniquely designed. My uncle has two daughters and they each also got a few of our grandmother's rings.

    Yes, agreed! I think they are stunning as statement pieces by themselves. And thank you!

    Thank you! :smile: I agree. You can actually tell these are very old rings, which is so fascinating to me. Another cool little backstory: They once had to be smuggled out of Nazi occupied France. I cant remember which rings exactly, but a few were sewn onto the children's clothes as they left the country to live with relatives abroad.
  14. Beautiful! I love Moissanite, for the reasons you cite. I am waiting on a nice new very whit Moissy from a great Etsy seller (but I'm sure you get much better pricers!), Plus I have a large (10+ ct ) dark grey RB Moissy with a cushion halo, done in diamonds, and platinum. So much fun!
  15. I bought one way back when they first came out, they only came in RB cut and the color was not that great, some had a greenish tinge. Mine looked ok, but now they can make them in all colors and cuts, and the whites are much whiter. So I gave my aunt my old one and am waiting for my new one. I'll have to visit your mentioned etsy shop - I used another one, I should see how their prices compare.
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