ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Those are some gorgeous rings you have!!
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  2. Stunning rings. I also have a victor canera e-ring :smile:
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  3. WOW, they are both gorgeous.
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  4. Holy ice skating rink! Those are simply magnificent! [emoji33]
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  5. So gorj! Could you share your ring size for reference?

    Which do you prefer?
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  6. (I love this thread!)
    This is my 5.59 ct ACA diamond from Whiteflash. The band is from the fabulous Victor Canera.

    The tennis bracelet is also from Whiteflash with ACA diamonds 10 ctw

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  7. I love the AVC! It is one of my favorite cuts. :love:
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  8. Thank you!
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  9. Gorgeous combo!!
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  10. Thank you! My ring size is a loose size 6 for reference. I love them both equally!:heart::heart:
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  11. Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words!:smile:
  12. Gorj, thank you!
  13. My tourmaline (my fiance's birthstone) in a diamond halo in 18k yellow gold. :smile:

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  14. Beautiful and unusual :loveeyes:
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