ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

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  1. Beautiful [emoji15]
  2. Been stalking this for years. Finally able to contribute ❤️


    Also wanted to share a quick story. We chose the diamond together because we wanted to share the process. I was between a gorgeous round and this emerald. The fiancé (eep!) loved the round because of the sparkle but I thought it was maybe a little too much for me. I was also nervous about the price of the emerald since it was slightly out of budget. I debated for 2 hours in the store - he is an incredibly patient man once we decide on the emerald cut and we received the GIA report, the date on the paper turned out to be his birthday! It could not have been more perfect.

    Thank you for letting me share!
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  3. A beauty! Congratulations [emoji4]
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  4. So different and lovely, thanks for sharing!
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  5. Then it was totally meant to be the emerald! Congrats!
  6. Thank you very much :heart:
    Absolutely! It makes the diamond that much more special to me. Thank you :heart:
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    OMG, stunning! Just beautiful
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    duplicate post...not sure how to delete it lol
  9. I'm in the middle of upgrading my poor quality ering, so inspired by the rings on here!
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  10. The pink sapphire (in RG) orchid is my original ering. For years, could never find the right "stack" and on its own felt it looked a bit... well, droopy. Now DH gifted this orchid bypass ring (MOP and diamonds in YG) to stack and now I can't stop wearing the ering again!! IMG_1154.jpg
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  11. It is BEAUTIFUL [emoji7][emoji7][emoji253]
  12. Never thought I would ever post here but here is my new ring. I think it's perfect and just so timeless, but I don't wear rings or jewellry often for that matter, so it's been taking some getting used to. :amuse:

    Attached Files:

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  13. WOW
    Both are beautiful :loveeyes:

    Congratulations Ladies :ghi5: :drinkup:
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  14. Thanks so much!
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