ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

  1. Wow the Soleste centre stone looks so much bigger than 1.23! That's what I love about that ring. My dream ring.
  2. Yep! That's the goodness about a soleste! Btw my ring size is 3.75, so it might have looked even bigger :p
  3. What's the story behind 3 rings? Is that some kind of tradition, or just because? They're all beautiful, of course, but I've never heard of such a thing!
  4. There is no story behind them. Just that first one is my proposal/engagement ring, second is my wedding band which is a set with my hubby's & third one is an 1 year wedding anniversary present/ring from my hubby :smile: I think most married women here have 3 rings (engagement/wedding/anniversary) too :p thanks anyway!
  5. Gorgeous rings :smile: Congratulations you all!
    I'm getting engaged engaged in the near future..feels a bit overwhelming trying to decide what would be the perfect ring for me :biggrin: this thread is good for ring inspiration though!
  6. I know what you mean! I just went through a ring nightmare!! We started looking in July and the store messed up my custom tacori ring twice. I decided not to go with tacori and not to do business with this store. I returned the ring and got a refund. We are now in November and still no ring and not engaged! 😥 It is overwhelming because there is sooo much to chose from!! Go look on pricescope.com too!!! More inspiration!!
  7. So fresh and so clean! :cool:
    2013-09-21 12.13.13.jpg
  8. :faint: :woohoo:
  9. Thank you! Your help when I traded in my IF was invaluable and so appreciated! I LOVE this diamond! I would not have known how great it was without your advice. Of course I still like to search for so_called better but haven't found better yet.
  10. Uh dude, that thing is friggin amazing, I see no reason to keep looking if you LOVE it, all caps! I am SO GLAD you love it!
  11. Thank you! People I don't know sometimes try to touch it. Lol it's a little weird. I love this thing but sometimes I do wish it was even just one step higher clarity.
  12. Here is mine :smile:
    Centre stone is 0.72 carat, E, VVS2. Instead of the usual prong, we decided to go for petal-like prongs.


  13. is it totally eyeclean? or are you having mind clean issues?

  14. Such an interesting setting. It's absolutely beautiful!
  15. I have crazy eyesight for detail so I can see a tiny needle from the side profile. If I cover it with a prong then my table is angled and not square and that drives me crazy. My inclusions are 2 tiny clear needles and some tiny clear crystals which I convinced myself were other little tiny diamonds trying to grow inside of mine. Lol. I feel fortunate that my inclusions are all clear but I saw a really cool diamond with a crystal inclusion that was actually a garnet. I thought that was pretty cool.