ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

Yes, you read correctly! It is 4.2 carats! And thank you!

We custom cut it with Whiteflash because they didn’t have anything in inventory in the size we were looking for. We agreed on rough that was predicted to yield 4 carats, I, VS1. And we ended up with an insanely lucky result. The stone is heavier at 4.2 and a clearer at VVS2. It was a great experience.
That is absolutely incredible! You must be thrilled
I designed this ring for my husband and I for engagement ring and wedding bands. We worked with a jeweler to talk through options and ended up with white hood bands with sapphires interspersed with diamonds on the edge of the band vs the outside. Here is the CAD image and the final product. View attachment 5993620View attachment 5993621
What a special touch to a classic band! I love when the edges have diamond detailing 💙