EMERGENCY: Offered a Birkin in Graphite

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  1. Hi Everyone:

    My SA has presented me with a B35 in GRAPHITE with gold hardware. He said I have 24 hours to decide. I'm totally tortured because I had my heart set on a darker color with silver hardware but I was finally offered this after almost a year of waiting.

    I looked online and I can't tell the exact shade of the picture. I'm scared the color will be putty. I'm desperately hoping someone can post a picture of their Graphite Birkin next to Black Birkin or Black Jeans. Can someone save the day????
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461158080.753379.jpg This is Graphite Clemence next to the sleeve of my black leather jacket. Hope this helps.
  3. You're so awesome to help!!!!

    Do you have a black Birkin? Would you interchange it with black?
  4. I have bags in both colors and I personally think they are different enough for me to have both. I also think if you are waiting for black with PHW you should continue to wait for that... it is not a seasonal color or anything so eventually it will come. For me, hardware is pretty important as I never wear gold jewelry so it would clash with everything else I have. Finally, Graphite is very much a gray unless lighting is poor and then you might think it's black. My thoughts are not too organized I am afraid but I hope this helps.
  5. If you have doubts: don´t take it. It is too much money to spend on a bag you just like. Jmho.
  6. I love my graphite B, but it has PHW. Not sure if I would like it with GHW. Just my thought.
  7. I would take this bag in a heartbeat
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461161591.406336.jpg

    Here is a pic of mine in outdoor light. It's a true dark grey.
  9. I would never compromise on hardware and probably not on color either. Been there done that. Too much money and not enough space in my closet to settle.

  10. So pretty!
  11. I have bags in both colors. If I can I will post a pic when I am home. Graphite is a great neutral that can go with either phw and ghw. Perhaps it's best to go see it then decide. I used to buy only phw but realized I like both hw and it to have variety. If you only wear silver or non yellow gold jewelry or feel extremely string about phw then maybe you should hold out for a bag with phw.

    As flowerboy said, don't compromise with something so expensive. Only buy if you truly love it otherwise you'll keep questioning yourself. You'll be offered again.
  12. I will say that I always wanted a black Birkin, but I was offered a Prunoir, and the color is way more soft IMO. My Prunoir Birkin really changes with the light (reads brown, purple, navy, black), and I find that it is way more versatile than black. I don't think I'd ever need a black one now.

  13. I like graphite but with silver hardware only.
  14. Graphite is a gorgeous shade, but I think it looks better with PHW. Even if I were in the market for Graphite, I would hold out for PHW.
    If you want Black with PHW, I would wait. As others have said, it's just too much to spend to settle for less than your chosen combo.
  15. Here's a pic for you.
    Black Togo leather with phw against graphite DS in clemence.