eLuxury fake?

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  1. Hi everyone. I purchased right before Christmas a LV Lodge GM (black multicolore) from eLuxury. I loved it, but the shoulder strap was just too long. I brought it to a well-known leather repair shop in NYC to see if it could be shortened. The store owner came out to tell me that the bag was a fake, because it is stamped Made in Spain, has a suede lining, and "the canvas is too even." Unfortunately, I don't have my receipt anymore (although my order summary is still available through my eLuxury.com account). Has anyone heard of problems with eLuxury?
  2. Let's see what other ladies have to say... I'm no expert but I think the store owner could be wrong.

    First of all, eLuxury is a highly reputable website. Second of all, what kind of response is "the canvas is too even"? What is it supposed to be? Crooked?

    Finally, I have an LV wallet I bought right from the LV store and it says "Made in Spain" on it as well... So I don't think that is an issue.

    No idea in terms of a suede lining, though. Sounds strange.

    Sorry, my rambling is probably not helpful at all! But you can post pics and then we can all get a better idea :tup:
  3. Hi, eLuxury is owned by LVMH (Moet, Hennessey, Louis Vuitton),so any thing you would buy from them would be authentic. I have many pieces of LV that were made in Spain. LV has a factory there also. HTH
  4. If I'm not mistaken all MC products are lined in that suede lining. You might want to post this in the LV section. But if you bought it from Eluxury, I think you are OK
  5. Maybe he's used to seeing fake bags that people pass off to him as real. So maybe when he actually gets a real one to repair (yours), he thinks it's a fake because it isn't the same as the others . . .
  6. eLux doesn't sell fakes ... all MC bags have that suede lining. And many LV bags are made in Spain too. If you want to completely rest easy about it, post pictures in the "Authenticate This" in the Louis Vuitton forum. But seriously, don't worry about it. The leather repair shop doesn't know what they're talking about.
  7. ITA. I am pretty sure that a lot of Damier canvas bags are made in Spain. My Vernis framboise agenda was made in Spain, as well. And yes, the MC bags have the alcantara lining.
  8. LV OWNS eLux. . . they don't sell fakes!:nogood:
  9. Everyone is an expert on fakes all of a sudden??? Similar thing happened to a friend of mine at a handbag repair shop...authentic LV purchased at Saks...I would not worry about it.
  10. Interesting fact, I didn't know that LV owned eLux!
  11. :tup::tup::tup: I think in the older LV.com homepage, eLux was "the" recommended on-line store.... at least it is where I was directed off from the LV site last year to purchase their products on-line. But now checking back at LV site, they take orders on-line right off their page.

    Elux is totally legit.
  12. The lining is actually called "alcantra", it's a suede like material.

    Louis Vuitton has workshops in the US, France and Spain - also Italy for special pieces and Switzerland for timepieces. You'll actually see a lot less fakes with a "made in Spain" or "made in USA" stamp, most counterfeiters will stamp with "made in France" !

    Also, I'm not sure if you were made aware of this by a Louis Vuitton boutique or not, but once you've had someone else work on an item (e.g. shortening a strap), it no longer is "their product" and they will not repair it anymore.

    If you're still unsure, be sure to post in the Authenticate This post in the Louis Vuitton forum ! :yes:

    PS I'm trying to be a NYC lawyer actually.. :graucho:
  13. and Sephora among other things:yes:
  14. You are correct in thinking your bag is fake. If you didn't buy it from a Louis Vuitton dealer direct as a new hand bag it's fake. There aren't ANY authorized sellers of LV other than LV. They dont own and sell under any other company name. I went thru all the research. I ordered a bag from eluxury and recieved it then took it directly to LV store in Las Vegas and it's truly a good replica!!! They Lied at the eluxury online live chat. I asked LV about getting a real bag from any online comapny and they said ONLY from Louis Vuitton direct. Under NO othe names.
  15. Sorry you are incorrect on that. Ask LV, I did and It's not true.