eehlers' Handbag Evolution

  1. This MAM is the bag that kicked off the RM very first, so therefore very, very special to me. And - let's be honest, she's quite the looker!

    RMs embossed leathers are stiffer and don't smoosh so much as they squash. I wouldn't experience the smoosh-a-palooza of RM leathers till later, but that doesn't make me love this classy little dame any less...

    Nude/black Ostrich MAM...
  2. This next MAM is my favorite, and could almost qualify as my favorite RM (though there is another you'll meet soon that holds that esteemed title).

    She's stuffed in this picture, but if she weren't, you'd see she's a big old flat pancake. The thick and smoothy leather is TDF on this bag. And that blue zip track adds just the right touch to keep this out of basic black bag territory. I have lugged this gal everywhere and she does it all and ends up looking better than me when all's said and done!!

    Black MAM with blue zip track and gold HW:
  3. Last in the MAM line up is one I found on sale on Muse Ten earlier this year. I love MAMs that are a bit different, and this one certainly qualifies.

    The color of this one is a great neutral (have you noticed that I like me some neutrals??). I love the thick, weathered leather, the weaving detail and the antique silver hardware. She's turning into quite the smooshy little pile!

    Woven Taupe MAM with antique silver hardware.

    I now need to interrupt this broadcast as the Chinese food has arrived. :lol: So, talk amongst yourselves and I'll be back in a jiffy!
  4. And we're back...

    And moving on to a bright ray of quote Prince..."Darling Nikki"

    I don't use this bag near as much as I should. The leather is heaven on this bag, and whether you load her up or just carry a few things, she still has the sexiest slouch in the biz.

    Here's Butter Nikki with light gold hardware:
  5. This next bag is one of the most stunning in my collection. I got this from a fantabulous tPF'er and it still takes my breath away...from the un-freaking-believable leather, to the gradient color, to the brass hardware, to the long finished tassels, to the uber soft paisley lining...I adore this bag.

    She's normally my travel buddy since she's a large girl, but I also love pulling her out on those days when I'm feeling like a hoarder and just have to carry everything.

    My OS beauty...the Gradient Wine MAB with brass hardware:
  6. This next bag was an impulse buy one day while I was tooling around on Shopbop. She was marked down and was so darn cute I knew she had to come join the family.

    A super fun summer tote with loads of organization on the inside - the Black White Striped Diamond Tote with blue/black polka dot lining:
  7. I have a special fondness for this next style of bag. Some think it's shape is a bit odd, but she's an organizational monster - all the little pockets!! And she's super comfy whether sitting on the arm or on the shoulder. Ms. Minkoff - please hear my plea...bring us more Matties in super fun colors and fantabulous leathers!!!

    Here are my two full-size Matinees:
  8. My first Mattie is also my first pre-loved OS RM bag (yet another amazing tPF'er!!). The thing that sold me on this one...the suede. Not only does she have suede flaps, but she also has suede lined slip pockets on the front and on the sides. :cloud9:

    It was this bag that convinced me that Matties are the shizz...

    My Light Gray Matinee with Dark Gray suede flaps, gold hardware (and those tassels...oy!), and black/white floral lining:
  9. Now this my lovely fellow Minkettes can attest, I was on the hunt for this bag for what seemed like ages. Then, just as I has resigned myself to the fact that it maybe just was not meant to be, one morning she just popped up on Bonz (and I can't thank my Minkie buddies enough for all of their PMs alerting me to her availability!!).

    This bag is my RM HG. She is utter heaven with two handles. I can't even begin to describe this leather to's the softest leather I have ever felt, and on more than one occasion I've been caught fondling her in public. :blush: If she didn't have a little stuffing in her right now, you'd see that she's just a puddle and has amazing slouch when she's carried.

    How do I love thee...I can't even start counting the ways.

    And so...I present to holy grail RM...Lady Jade Matinee with gold signature hardware and black/white floral lining:
  10. The last bag in the RM lineup is one I found recently for a STEAL at Marshalls. It was quite the coup, as I never, ever, ever see RMs up in my rural neck of the woods - so when I saw, I pounced.

    She's the cutest little thing. I love carrying her on those days when I'm feeling particularly girly. She holds quite a bit, and with her adjustable shoulder strap, she's extra comfy to carry.

    I haven't seen many of this style (in fact, I've only seen mine here on tPF), and that's a shame. I highly recommend this style if you can find one on the 'bay, on Bonz, or at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls (sadly, I'm fearing RM may have discontinued this fantabulous bag!!!) :sad:

    And, as you can see, I'm a fan of the ostrich embossed lovelies! Here is the Chance Briefcase in Mocha Ostrich with rose gold hardware (the hardware is AMAZING!!!):
  11. Now, as often happens in the life of a handbag addict, as we grow, so does the price of our bags. Yep - that's right...I have ventured into the land in which I never thought I'd tread. That of the high-end, premier designer. :amazed:

    Here's a pic of my three bags from the swankier side of town:
  12. My first venture into the land of premier was with that man I love...Mr. Jacobs. I found this lovely fellow on Yoogi's and knew he was meant to be mine. We had a bit of a rough start, but a little TLC and he was in tip-top shape!

    My Pomegranate Blake with dark red suede lining. Now those of you that know MJ are thinking, "Wait a minute, eehlers, MJ didn't make the Pomegranate with suede lining!" True. It was the only soft calf Blake from that season that didn't have the suede lining (it was an exclusive color for Bloomingdale's). Thanks to the lovely ladies in the MJ thread, the consensus was that this must be a sample...since the other soft calf Blakes had suede lining, they may have first made this bag with suede lining as well. All I know is that I'm thrilled to have him and he's all the more special because of he's a special little snowflake...and I'm ecstatic that he does have that suede lining.

    He's a bit of a heavy fella, but I love him to pieces and always get compliments on him. ('ll notice I keep calling Blake a him...he's one of only two bags that I refer to as him...not sure why - just seems like a dude to me) :p
  13. Next is one that I just purchased within the past couple of months. Thanks to a picture I'd seen a while back from scoobiesmomma of this style, I'd been on the prowl. Just waiting for the right color to leap into action. Then, there it was. And, to sweeten the deal, it was a previous season color, so I got the pre-price hike price...bonus!

    I'm always amazed with the details of this bag. It's such a simple style, but there are these little details with the hardware, the stitching, the locking zipper that are so impressive. I don't think this will be the last of this style of bag that I'll own...

    I took two pictures as the color is so hard to sometimes photos way to bright and almost glowing! It's a dark, deep tangerine that's simply stunning.

    Here is the Reed Krakoff Gym Bag I in Cinnabar:
  14. The last bag in today's journey is the ultimate, end all, be all of bags that I wanted in my collection. The UHG.

    I just got this bag two days ago, and I don't think I've stopped staring at it within that time. There are tons of pics of her in both the Chloe thread and the RM thread, so I'll restrain myself from posting oodles of them here. She's so gorgeous that one photo is enough to make you fall in love.

    She's everything I'd hoped she'd be...beautiful, versatile, well-crafted, and durable. The color is a neutral (of course!), but quite a chameleon. Depending on the light, she's gray, she's brown, she's taupe...but whatever the light, she's breathtaking.

    Here she beloved Chloe Medium Paraty in Rock...:loveeyes::heart::love::hbeat:
  15. So, here's a group shot of all the lovely bags currently in my collection. Well, almost all...I took this pic first and forgot to get Gym Bag in the shot (he was busy pumping iron) - by the time I realized, I was too pooped to reshoot.

    This collection is a work in progress (though there will be a brief hiatus on any further adoptions until 2013 thanks to the addition of Ms. Chloe), and putting this group of bags together has been the most fun ever!!