eehlers' Handbag Evolution

  1. Thanks for visiting!!

    At some point very soon, I'll go through all my small leather goods. Sometimes I think my wallet and pouch addiction may be even more intense than my bag addiction!!
  2. Great collection! I enjoyed looking at them!
  3. What a great collection eehlers!!! I, of course, love the RM's, but that RK gym bag is STUNNING! :nuts: Thanks for posting all the wonderful pictures (and I really enjoyed reading the stories about each!) :smile:
  4. Thanks for posting your collection, Eehlers!! I love your RM's- great selection, all are stunning! :drool:
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my collection! I forgot how special some of these were till I photographed and posted them! So many pretty bags, yet only two arms. :p
  6. O.M.G.!!!! I love, love, love your collection my Minkette buddy! I you're the best bag story teller ever! Hmmm... where did you say you live? :giggles:
  7. Time for some SLGs...I believe I have more wallets and pouches than I do bags. I just love wallets - I'm an organizational disaster, so they bring some sense of order to my life!

    Let's start with the stuff that I'm currently carting around with me - these are the standard items you'll find in my bag on any given day.

    First up is my RM light brown patent wallet. I bought this recently at Outnet for 50% off. I love how it has so many darn card slots! The patent leather adds a bit of fun, while the color keeps it neutral enough to work in pretty much any bag.
  8. Next - let's go through the pouches. I love me some pouches. My favorites are RM (natch) and Tokidoki.

    First up my RM Cobalt "Nerd Alert" Kerry pouch. As soon as I saw this pouch, I bought it - anyone that knows me, knows how fitting it is! :p

    This is where I keep phone charger, ear buds, calculator, pad and pen, and larger items that won't fit in my wallet (free Starbucks drink, anyone?).
  9. Then there's RM Cory - the perfect little pouch. And always has cute sayings - there are tons of these I'd like to get!

    This one is Electric Fuchsia with GM hardware and the saying is "Saving is SO last year!" - ironically, I use this pouch to hold the rewards/membership cards that don't fit in my wallet. :lol:
  10. Next up...the Tokidokis. I love these little characters. The pouches are always so fun, and I love the heart and crossbones!

    First Tokidoki is the small (I got a 3-pack at Sephora last year). This is what I use to carry my keys and my work badge - mainly to keep my keys from scratching up my bag linings or other items.
  11. And here's Tokidoki medium. This I consider my little emergency kit - basic necessities like lip balm, throat drops, Advil, sewing kit, eyeglass repair kit, mirror, flashlight, perfume rollerball, etc. Not pictured are tampons...'cuz who wants to see that?? :yucky:
  12. Last up in what I typically carry day to day are my glasses - both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

    Here are my Tiffany eyeglasses (I LOOOOOVE these!) and my MbMJ sunnies, which I've had for about 3 or 4 years now and they still look great! :cool:
  13. Alright, so we've seen the everyday on to the vast array of wallets I've accumulated over the years...

    Here's a shot of how I store them. They live in the armoire in my guest room (which is where my bags live as well) in this Vera Bradley Weekender bag that my SIL got me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
  14. As with the tour of bags, the tour of wallets begins with Coach. Unlike my Coach bags, which I re-homed pretty much all of them, I still have my Coach SLGs - the quality just can't be beat.

    First up is this cream zip-around wallet - I love using this one in the Spring and Summer and the pink lining is so cute.
  15. Next is a red leather Coach wallet I bought at an outlet up in Massachusetts while on my honeymoon. I love the color and the leather on this one. There's also a checkbook holder for this one.