eehlers' Handbag Evolution

  1. I've been a handbag addict since I was a little, little girl. Always been OBSESSED with purses, and there have been tons that have come and gone over the years. What I'm sharing here is my current collection, post- major purge with many I sold and gifted. What's left still represents an evolution in styles and brands, but each and every one is very special to me.

    Hope you enjoy!!

    First up is a brand that many of us probably ventured into at one time or another, and for some was the introduction to designer bags. I'm one of those people...and, yes, I'm talking about Coach. Before Coach, if I spent more than $50 on a bag, it made me sweat (ahhhh youth!). I've bought, sold, and gifted more Coach bags than I can count - some of which I could kick myself for given they were great classic, vintage leather bags. So, it's odd that the one that remains is this one. It's signature, which I usually don't like with Coach. But it's such a great and versatile bag - can be worn shoulder or cross body and it always gets tons of compliments. I rarely ever wear her anymore, but I just can't let her go!! I'm not even sure of the name or style of this one. :shame:
  2. Next is a fun little clutch that I use a lot at work functions. Since it's east-west in style, it can hold quite a bit, plus it has a cross body strap. I just love metallics clutches! This is woven leather, which I think Elliot Lucca does quite well - I've yet to buy other bags from this brand, but would certainly consider it!
  3. This next brand is what brought me to tPF in the first place (story to come). I haven't seen a style of theirs that's really appealed to me in the last couple of years, but they have the most fun names, and some great casual leather bags.

    Here are my two Tanos:
  4. And the bag that led me to tPF...

    I bought this bag while on vacation in Beaver Creek, CO. I saw this bag in a little shop and fell in love. To this day it is a bag that always gets comments - usually from people that just want to touch the leather because as it ages, it gets more soft, smoothy and lived in.

    When I did an Internet search for Tano to try and find out the name of the bag (it wasn't on the tag), threads from tPF popped up. And, I found a second home...finally folks who 'get me' and this crazy obsession called bags. (Oh yeah - and I was able to learn this bag is the Tano Biker Babe :p in Caramel)
  5. My other Tano is one that is a favorite for travel - it's a huge and roomy hobo with great organizational pockets inside and out. Plus, one of my favorite features...that scarlet red lining and leather slip pockets!

    The Tano Lady Raga in Black:
  6. Next up is my second favorite designer...I love me some Marc Jacobs. But I wasn't able to start with full-on I started with some MbMJ. I love the leather on MbMJ bags - they wear like iron and the colors are so saturated and beautiful.

    Here are my two Marc by Marc Jacobs beauties - both purchased in 2009:
  7. The Totally Turnlock Faridah hobo. Love. This. Bag. When I bought it, I carried it for five months straight. And for someone with Purse ADHD like me, that's saying a lot...
  8. My other MbMJ is one of my smaller bags, and such a little cutie! I love the girly and classic style of the Groovees. I still use this bag quite a bit, and she's roomier than she'd lead you to believe!

    Here's my Classic Q Baby Groovee in Wine:
  9. This next bag is one that has the most amazing leather. I really need to add more bags from this brand. It's the most versatile, work horse bag that I have ever used. You can wear it on the shoulder by the handles, on the shoulder by the strap, cross body, or even in the crook of the arm.

    And, don't even get me started on the color and the hardware. Finding an LP with gunmetal hardware ain't always easy, but is oh so worth it! And, I know some aren't a big fan of the zebra lining, but it always makes me smile whenever I open this fun!!

    Here's my Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote in Dark Olive with Gunmetal hardware:
  10. This next bag was one I saw on a sale table and fell for hard. It's so hard to capture this one in pictures. It has a beautiful glazed chocolate leather, thick twill cotton lining, and amazing chunky gold hardware. It's a great neutral brown that is dark enough to work with anything. And this is one that's comfy on the arm or on the shoulder with the detachable strap.

    While I've seen bags somewhat similar to this one, I've never been able to find this exact one in any searches. Thinking maybe it was a Nordstrom exclusive?

    This is Badgley Mischka belted satchel (don't you love how descriptive Nordstrom is with style names? :graucho: )
  11. This next bag is one that my wonderful DH bought for me just this past Christmas. For that reason, it will ALWAYS be special and will always have a place in my collection (for, you see, in the 10 years we've been together, he's never bought me a bag before). He picked this out all on his lonesome, and I gotta say...he done good!

    This is such a functional bag and truly a neutral you can wear with anything. Michael Kors says every woman should have at least one Luggage colored bag in her collection, and hey - who am I to argue with MK?

    Here's my large MK Hamilton in Luggage with silver hardware:
  12. This next brand is a polarizing one. Either you love it, or you just don't get it. And before I bought one, I was one of those folks that was baffled...:shrugs:

    Then I bought one to use as a work tote last summer, and it was all over. Yeah, yeah - it's just a nylon bag, but it's so durable, so well made, so comfortable - don't know how I get through rainy, mucky, messy days without them.

    Here are my two Longchamps LePliages - the large Bilberry (my 1st one) and my small red (purchased late last year):
  13. Now we get to the bulk of my collection.

    Ahhhh...Becks. Dear, dear Becks. Of course, I'm referring to Rebecca Minkoff. I discovered her just about 15 months ago and haven't been the same since. My fellow Minkettes will totally understand...there's just something about the styles, colors and leathers (my god...the leathers!!) that is absolutely intoxicating. You get one and immediately plot your next one.

    To kick it off, here's a group shot:
  14. MACs. Such little bags, but oh so fabulous. Those little suckers can fit a heck of a lot more than their diminutive nature would lead you to believe.

    My first MAC was actually the mini MAC. I saw it at Nordstrom last summer and she just had to come home with me - love that gorgeous orange!

    The second was the full size MAC that I bought at a Gilt sale earlier this year. I was at first unsure if I would keep her, but I used her once and knew she wasn't going anywhere!

    I present mini MAC in orange with gold hardware and Warm Gray MAC with antique silver hardware. Sorry - no chain strap porn with these pics...I always store the straps inside and was too lazy to take them out and attach them:
  15. And most favorite style of all. I'd own a fleet of these things if I could justify it! The Morning After darling, darling MAMs.:tender: