Ebay gives me creeps!

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  1. Well, okay. I bought a glorious lavender agenda from Josephine. I emailed ebay seller (it was last 10 minutes of auction), saying that after I couldn't purchase because the color was not true. I tried to download, but pics wouldn't even download. It was COMPLETELY grey. No sign of blue. She went on a freaking rampage. And, I just deleted her message. yuck. Sorry, no more ebay for me. I told her leave me negative feedback, I really don't care. I'm not buying a crappy greyed out agenda, no wonder it was so inexpensive. And, the fact that she went ballistic, shows me right there something was wrong with it. AND, she wouldn't refund if I wasn't happy. F%$* that. ick. my heart is racing. But, I got the agenda.... whew.... it's scary. People are not nice sometimes... boohoo.
  2. ...I think this is the reason why most sellers ask the bidders/buyers to ask questions and request additional pictures BEFORE placing a bid.
  3. Understood. But, we can all make mistakes and change our mind and people don't need to yell at us. That's life. Especially when there is no return policy. She is still emailing yelling at me. ick.
  4. you can't really blame her for being upset.. :sweatdrop:
  5. I can't blame her for being pissed off. If somebody didn't take the time to ask me for additional pictures and inquire some more about the product I was selling and then REFUSED to pay for it afterwards, I'd be pretty ticked off too.

    Mind posting the eBay link?
  6. Okay. I f***** up. But, still don't deserve to be yelled at. I wouldn't yell at her, especially if my agenda was perfect and it's not like I ruined her auction in the first hour. It was the last couple of minutes and no one had bid on it. I personally wouldn't treat anyone like that. It's not the end of the world. And, I have a right be careful with my money, especially when there is no refund involved. oops. I guess I'm horrible ( just kidding)... oh, the pain the agony...
  7. I always put in my listings to ask all questions before bidding...I can understand being a worried buyer on ebay, but I am sure she was upset because it is still costing her money to list and then to go through the hassle of filing non paying bidder to get her final value fee back. She could have handled it a differently than yelling, though.
  8. Nobody in here said that you're horrible and deserve to be yelled at. I'm just saying that it was your responsibility to do your reasearch into the item before placing a bid, and that I can understand why the seller is upset. She's now got to either give a second chance offer to somebody else, or file a NPB to get her final value fees back...

    I'm not sure what the emails she sent you said...But if you feel that they are threatening in any way, you can send them to eBay to have them check into it.
  9. I am not totally understanding your post. Are you saying that you bid on something and then in the last 10 minutes you wanted to back out. I am sorry, but that is not cool. I don't blame her for being upset. You saw the photos and bid, and that is a binding contract. When people don't pay, sellers can eventually get some (but not all) of the fees they paid back.
  10. Okay. I'm a bad ebayer. understood. my bad. sorry, I've been ripped off before.
  11. It looks fine to me... but I really am trying to understand, if you thought it looked bad, why did you bid?
  12. Now...I have purchased from Rebecca before and she is one of the nicest sellers that I have ever dealt with.

    Have you ever seen the Lavender color in person? You can never get the color right when taking a picture. If you don't use a flash, it turns out grey. If you use a flash, it doesn't look Lavender.

    ...You missed out on a goodie there.
  13. I agree with everyone else. The reason pic's are posted is so you can see what you're buying. If yo're unsure you should ask for other pic's and perhaps with or without flash. If you have made this purchase and changed your mind you are beaking a contact to purchase. I'd be pissed too and would leave neg feedback.
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