eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

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  1. I absolutely agree, I should have also stated that most brand threads have an “Authenticate this xxxx”, which should be utilized prior to purchase.
  2. Absolutely. And the more examples of a brand there are in circulation, the more authenticators are necessary. I think our current count at the ATCoach thread is five. :graucho:
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  3. #8838 Sep 27, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
    Folks, is there a way to contact eBay about a pending refund without necessarily opening a claim?

    Long story: I purchased a Louis Vuitton small luggage tag that was supposed to be vintage/refurbished. When I got it, the 'Louis Vuitton Made in France' stamp was almost gone. I've purchased many vintage items throughout the years and I was not expecting perfection, but the stamping being erased bothered me. I saw the seller accepted returns so I started one and sent the item back right away.

    A few days later (09/20) I received an email from Paypal saying that my refund was delayed because it was declined by the sender's bank. Today (09/27) it is still showing up as 'pending'. I went to eBay just to check things out and saw that the seller left me a very unfair message (something about me being very picky and for other sellers to be beware of selling me designer goods, that I have a "bad habit of buying and returning my order with or without issues" -- lol, I've been on eBay for 12 years and never received a negative feedback and can't even remember the last time I returned something, if ever). Anyways, I really don't want to do anything combative because the seller is clearly not very reasonable but at the same time I'd love to check the status of my money.


    ETA: Was able to contact Paypal, they said the refund has until 10/01 to clear, and after that point I can file a claim if not cleared. I just hope this guy doesn't leave me that nasty comment as feedback... :yucky:
  4. There are a few things going on here:

    1. Based on what you said, I'm assuming you opened a return request rather than SNAD.
    2. If that's the case, when a seller has a return policy, she/he is obligated to accept a return for ANY reason. It doesn't matter how "picky" you may be.
    3. Thus once tracking shows delivery, your refund should be released and if I were you, I'd call ebay, point them to the return policy, tracking and request that they issue the refund from the seller's account.
    4. If ebay can't do it, Paypal should do it as part of your buyer protection since you've proven return of the item. You may have to repeatedly insist they refund your money from their own coffers. They can go after the seller for it if they don't want to take the loss.

    Regarding your concern about a negative feedback, do not worry. Sellers can't leave negative feedback (at all) nor are they allowed to leave a negative comment with a positive feedback. (Since 2008, sellers have only been able and allowed to leave positive feedback for buyers and if the seller leaves a contradictory feedback, you can call ebay and get it removed.)
  5. Thank you, BeenBurned, really appreciate your reply!

    Since it was clearly stated in the listing that returns were accepted ("14 day returns. Buyer pays for return shipping"), I opened a regular return request right away and shipped the item the next day using the eBay-provided return label. I didn't expect the seller would be so salty over it.

    Paypal told me that the refund is coming through as an e-check so the first decline is kind of like a bounced check, and they're trying again to process it. I'll follow your advice and contact eBay.

    Thanks again!
  6. Yup, when an echeck bounces (is rejected), that means that the seller didn't have the money in her bank account to cover the check.

    If she doesn't step up to the plate, not only will paypal hit her but her bank will charge her whatever fee they charge for a bounced check.
  7. Yes, you will.
  8. Ugh, it looks like I'm having some bad luck on eBay lately.

    So I called eBay today about my non-received refund and they said they're issuing me the refund asap and that it should appear by Tuesday the latest. Fingers crossed, and thanks again BeenBurned!

    However, I see another problem and I'd love to get your opinion. I purchased another item via 'Buy it Now' on Sep 24th and the seller hasn't shipped it yet (I paid extra for a faster shipping option, but it doesn't look like anything happened yet). I checked the original listing and it now says 'This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing'. The money however left my account the day of the transaction. What does that mean?

    I messaged the seller today asking whether he/she is planning on shipping my item. How long should I wait before escalating to eBay?
  9. Yay, seller shipped the item after I messaged it. Still don't know why the listing had that message, hopefully the item will arrive ok!
  10. So are sellers being charged the 2.9% PayPal fee on sales tax collected too?
  11. Yes. I got an email from PayPal:

    "In 2018, PayPal and eBay worked together to implement a solution to comply with laws that require eBay to collect and remit tax on applicable transactions. Those transactions that require eBay to collect tax are currently divided into two separate charges - one for the item purchased and another for the associated tax.

    Effective November 2019, PayPal and eBay will change the way these transactions are processed and how taxes are collected and remitted.

    For transactions that require eBay to collect tax from buyers, the tax amount will be included in the gross purchase amount to be processed. Once settled, the tax amount will be automatically deducted for remittance to the applicable taxing authority.

    You do not need to take any action."
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  12. So what do you think about this : Seems great for me because I hate signature confirmation but it kind of defeats the purpose of having it.

    Attached Files:

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  13. Sounds like it will protect sellers though. I wonder how well the carriers will be about leaving the package in a secure location. I'd love for them to put packages in my backyard instead of on my porch.
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  14. That would be great. The UPS driver used to put our packages inside our screen room outback when we first moved in. I assume the previous owners requested that. Now they just drop off out front.
    It would protect sellers and give buyers the option to basically OK the package being left. Just seems silly sellers have to purchase it in the first place if a buyer is opting out. Too bad there isn't another way the buyer could take responsibility without the seller having to pay.
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  15. So I signed up for this because I had a package coming and I didn't anticipate being at home. I applied my signature to that package and figured I was good. Nope. The carrier rang and my husband had to sign. Led to many unnecessary questions, too.
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