eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

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  1. Do you have a quick question that you would like to get answered but do not want to start a whole thread? Here is the new thread to post in! I am hoping that by having a thread such as this it will eliminate the OT posts in some of the other non-related threads.

    Please post your questions here and I'm sure our knowledgeable members will do their best to get you an answer. If a question turns into several pages of discussion/ debate or a whole drawn out situation, I will separate the relevant posts and turn in into it's own thread.

    Let's see how this goes! :biggrin:

    Please note that any 'authenticate this' type posts will be deleted. There is a whole section of appropriate thread for authenticity questions here:


    and here:

  2. What happened to the Bonanzle/Bonanza Fakes thread? Aren't they acting on our reports anymore, or was the thread moved? I've used the Report button in the Bonanza listing but it seems like the listings are hardly ever removed, and when they are it takes several days to do it.

    Sorry if this has already been answered but I can't find the reporting thread.
  3. I sent you a message.
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  4. Is it bad etiquette to ask what the reserve price of an item is? I am the only bidder on some items about to end and the status is "reserve not met". Instead of waiting around, would it be appropriate to contact the seller and ask for the reserve price, adding that if it is within my budget, I will BIN and pay immediately?

    Would it be proper to respond to a seller (that sent all pics I requested) with thanks and the reason I'm not bidding on her item? I really do appreciate the time and effort she took to respond to my request.

    And, lastly, a procedure question. If an item is currently in an auction, how can it still be BIN? What happens if I make a BIN offer?

    I treat sellers the way I would like to be treated (until they prove they don't deserve it, anyway!) and would love a seller to comment.
  5. You cannot make an offer on an active auction. You can not make an offer on a listing with Buy It Now but no Best Offer option.

    Sellers don't really care why you aren't bidding on an auction.

    BIN remains on an auction, usually until the biudding is about halfway between the starting bid and BIN price. Sometimes this varies depending on the catefory.
  6. Some seller's don't mind you asking about the reserve, others do, so it's just up to you. I don't think it hurts to ask personally.

    If you make a BIN offer then you've bought it, it's not really an offer, you're 'buying it now'.

    I have before told a seller why I didn't go through with the auction after they sent additional pics because I think if they've taken the time to do so I can at least send them an explanation and thank them. I've seen some sellers in this forum complain that they send lots of pics or answer questions and then never hear from the buyer again so some of them apparently would like to know.

  7. Apologies in advance if this was already asked, but how does one get started selling? I read all the time that everyone feels leery buying from a seller with zero feedback but how does one start? I am contemplating selling a couple of things and have been researching the subject to no avail. Any tips? TIA!!
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    ^ You just have to start somewhere. We've all done it. Explain in your first few listings that you're just now getting started and assure the potential buyers that you've done all your research and that you will ship promptly, with care & with tracking.. etc. If someone wants your item enough, they'll buy it :yes:

    Good luck!!
  9. Take lots of pictures of your item, describe both in words and through your pictures the condition of said item, and reassure interested parties that you are not a scammer and they will definitely receive the item they see in pictures. Good luck :nuts:
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  10. Thank you littlerock and mello_yello-jen!
  11. Doesn't hurt to get some good feedback as a buyer as well!

  12. ^ Yes, very true! I forgot about that. I had already bought lots of clothing by the time I started selling so I had good feedback from the get go.
  13. Well then I really have a problem 'cause I've never bought anything on Ebay before either. I am a total Ebay virgin! :lolots: I guess I'm just getting scared of being taken advantage of especially when I read a lot of these threads! Which of the two do you recommend when it comes to shipping - UPS or USPS?
  14. Bgaholic: USPS is best for international customers, that much I know for sure. UPS charges up the yin yang for brokerage fees and such so international customers would prefer that you ship using USPS. That being said, you may want to just look at shipping only within the US (for now) since you're just starting.

    IDK about UPS for local US residents. :shrugs: I've always done USPS for both local and international.

    Make sure you ship WITH TRACKING for anything and everything! This is very important in case you have a buyer who is claiming "item not received". Moreover, I'd advise getting insurance to protect yourself against loss/theft of the item, esp. if the item you're selling is particularly valuable. Get signature confirmation for anything over $250.
  15. ^^Thank you want it all! I'm taking all your advice. I just have to muster up the confidence to go forward!