Dumb question about LV

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  1. Okay, this is going to sound like a dumb question to many of you who are LV experts, but I just have to ask...

    I just saw a Popincourt Haut on ebay that said on the inside:
    made in U.S.A.
    Are some LV bags made in the United States? It just doesn't seem right to me. I like the idea of it being made in Paris much better. :shame: :lol:
  2. All bags say "Louis Vuitton" with Paris underneath.

    Bags are made in Italy, Spain, France, USA and Germany.
  3. I don't know about the Popincourt Haut, but my speedy I got a couple years back says that it was made is the US.
  4. I still don't have an LV yet (still deciding) so I never knew that some were made in the United States. Thanks ladies!
  5. I got really excited when I got my Speedy 'cos it was made in France. I wasn't expecting it to be. :biggrin:
  6. So which Speedys were made in the US and which were made in France? Is it models that were made after a certain year?
  7. i have a few LV bags and some clothes and i have never seen anything, other than made in france, and i have purchased in more than one contry. sounds a bit dodge to me... but then who is ever an expert but the store, i would ring your local one and ask if you are really interested in the bag, better to be sure.
  8. It really depends on just what you find in the store. The same model is being made domestically and across the sea.
  9. my Piano says "made in usa"
  10. Buttery, For the speedy, I have both the 25 and 40 and I bought then at the same time and both are made in the US. I bought these about 4/5 years ago, so this could have changed by now. And I bought them and the LV store so they were definitly from the US.

    But both my pochettes (the cherry and panda one) are made in France. So I guess it really depends.
  11. My 25 was made in USA
  12. Interesting. Thanks ladies! This makes me feel much better. I learn so much here; thank God for this forum!
  13. I think its proximity to the manufacturer - I'm in the UK, so France was closest. If I was in the US then I'd expect it to be made there.
  14. It's funny, I don't care where my bags are made, I think it's cool the US makes some LV items and yet all my bags happen to be from France. HAHA!!!! I don't ask for any certain place when I buy them, I just ask for one that's not out on the floor.

    EDIT: sorry I double checked, everything except my PH is made in france, my PH was made here. :smile:
  15. The LV workshops in France could no longer keep up with the production demand so new workshops were opened overseas. I've yet to hear of a bag sold in France (like at the Champs E. flagship store) that wasn't made there. But in the USA, you find them from all of the workshops.
    Most of the bags produced in the USA are Monogram.