Dudes and their Diors

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  1. What a great purchase! Congrats mate!
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  2. What do you all think of the roller bag? Been looking at it for a bit.
  3. I think you should try it on in real life before making a decision. I had a chance to get one from Saks Toronto in August and I thought I would buy it, especially given the great price point for a Dior bag. I tried it on and it did not look good on me. I tried to wear it in different ways, and no matter how I wore it, it looked a bit weird on me. It looks fine on other people, but it just didn't look right on me. Maybe it's because it's not my style (i.e. doesn't go with what I wear), or maybe it's because I've never used such a cylindrical and small bag before.
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  4. Yes, you should try it on in person to see if it suits you. I absolutely love mine.
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  5. For me it's just not a practical bag. It can be carried in many different ways which is nice.

    Kim Jones just announced another drop on his instagram. I wonder if new items will be included this time around I hope so.
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  6. Guys, have you seen?! The Dior Saddle from SS19 went in price by 200 GBP!
  7. *Up in price
  8. :wtf:

    This item will still sell out at this price, so I get their strategy.
  9. Exactly! Crazyyy
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  10. I certainly hope so, I've been waiting ages for my pre-order to arrive, but I'm not holding out much hope...
    It's insane that the saddle has gone up in price within 2 months of first being stocked...
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  11. Is it just in the UK though? If it is, maybe it could be brexit precaution?
  12. The prices seem to have gone up for France as well. The bag is now €2,200, which is similarly priced to the UK...
    I'm glad I got my little baby Saddle pouch before Chrimbo, god knows how much that's going to go up by...
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  13. D849DECE-8315-4720-BD81-FC98EACD376C.jpeg 145D964B-DDE5-4FED-A810-9470D53824C5.jpeg Picked up this cute piece
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