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  1. Question - how hard are the saddle bags going to be to get? I was able to get the black one but wanted the navy one badly. Long waitlists they said.
  2. Just got an email that my ordered was cancelled because they did not have the bag. So heartbroken.
  3. That's terrible! They should try their best to get you another one!
  4. Agreed. They then called 10 minutes later and told me they did have one in stock and the was an error in their system. Now my damn Amex won’t let the charge go through because of the amount. Livid here. So annoyed.
  5. Try another card if you can. If Not, ask Dior to hold it for you until your credit card can be charged again. They caused this error.
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  6. That’s exactly what I am thinking of asking them. They are going to call me back once they figure out the stock/online issue and my card issue (they are calling to talk to Amex to release the funds)
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  7. I was lucky enough to get the saddle with like 500£ discount, will post pics when it arrives x
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  8. The men's saddle shoudler bag? They are just releasing so I'm not surprised there are waiting lists, but I honestly don't think this bag specifically will be extremely hard to get later especially if you have a store nearby. I'm guessing they will be kept for more seasons and they were a part of the pre-fall 2019 runway. Black and navy are classic colors. I'm honestly not quite sure how this will play out, but right now everything will seem extremely limited and difficult to get as hardly anything has released yet and this is of course also a part of the marketing. I think there's a lot more hype around this collection than it's been in many years, but at least from what I've seen it's been fairly easy to get Dior homme leather goods even on sale in the past...
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  9. This came at the worse time, after the seasonal sales have hit my bank account hard. But I've wanted this for a few months now. So glad to finally get it. Just wish it came earlier.

    Any guesses?
    20190104_110501.jpg 20190104_110712.jpg
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  10. DiorQuake?!
    Uh, the holiday packaging it's everything.
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  11. You got it!!! It's the DiorQuake! And yes, the holiday packaging is really something. When the SA came back out of the storage with the wrapped purchase, I was quite surprised. I expected the white bag and box given that the holidays were over. The holiday packaging made the purchase extra special!
    20190104_110746.jpg 20190104_110756.jpg 20190104_111648.jpg
  12. Congrats! They are totally sold out here in Brazil (and we only have a single boutique in the country). I'm on the waitlist, but i'm traveling soon to Paris so I hope to get one there.
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  13. They just restocked! I checked the website and there seems to be one at almost every boutique/concession in the UK! I'm assuming this applies worldwide. I hope you get your hands on one.
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  14. I'm gonna call them tomorrow for a update. Thanks for letting me know!
    And btw, you really should start a fashion related instagram! I love your pieces!
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  15. Aww thank you! I don't have the photography skills nor the budget to maintain a fashion Instagram, nor a photographer for that matter. I see people on the street posing for photographers so that they can have professional photos for Instagram. It's a bit much for me, considering it looks very unnatural when I catch the process of creating a good picture.
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