Dudes and their Diors

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  1. I totally agree with you about how unnatural it can get, but sometimes you need that much. Just some mirrors selfies/outdoor pics with a daily look for inspiration! :smile:
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  2. And guess what I just ordered....the saddle bag in navy. I guess everything happens for a reason. I had been wanting the navy over the black. So excited. Fingers crossed that this time it stays
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  3. Please reveal when you receive it!!!
  4. Of course! Which color did you like more?
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  5. I like both the black and navy equally. If I were to get one, it should be the navy because 90% of my bags are black! I need another colour in my collection. I wouldn't mind that taupe-coloured one that I saw on the runway, too.
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  6. For some reason the navy really stands out. I felt the black was a classic but a bit dull.
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  7. Also a plus, navy goes with more colors than black.:biggrin:
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  8. Mod shots please!!!
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  9. I’m assuming these pieces are limited release?
  10. I'm not sure. I have a feeling that they will be limited at first and then more available later on. This is assuming that this is not a seasonal style and will be carried over from season to season.
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  11. Interesting. I spoke to someone at Dior today and they said this was a capsule so the items were only for a limited time. He named that the bag itself would come back in different styles/colors but the ones now are just for this run.
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  12. I can't say anything about authenticity with regards to this bag, but this is Dior not Hermès. I wouldn't expect them to go for higher than retail in the secondary market to be honest.
  13. VC, like any unauthorized retailer, cannot claim that all of its bags are authentic, because we have caught some fakes in the past in the Authenticate This Dior thread. I'm not saying that these Saddle bags are fake. I just mean that I don't know if they are authentic.

    I agree with what @Liberté said about Dior generally selling for less on the secondary market, but for a new piece like this which is currently highly coveted, this is unusual.
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  14. hey all! Completely understand - just really surprised that these would be going so much below retail
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