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  1. Out and about with my little saddle...

  2. They increased the price of the belts and the shoes as well apparently
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  3. New addition to my Dior collection ;)
    I really like the saddle pouch. It can be worn crossbody or as a beltbag. It has loops on the back so it can be put on a normal belt

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  4. Great new pieces! I absolutely love them!
  5. Thank you averagejoe . Can't wait for the warmer days to wear the sneakers :smile:
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  6. mod shots please!
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  7. I ordered the black saddle pouch yesterday. I'm a little bit worried about how much the pouch can hold, though. Do you mind if I ask - do keys (say car key and 2 house keys) fit in the little zippered pouch? Thanks!
  8. Super cool and rock this
  9. BA131E45-7342-43B7-98EC-C6AB5712BF42.jpeg What do you all think of the oblique messenger bag?
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  10. I like this style a lot in the oblique (FYI - I came to this thread as I love the Kim Jones Dior pieces). I ordered the black version which is en route, but I haven't received it yet. I am a little concerned about how little it holds - phone, card case and keys seem to be it, similar to an LV Petite Malle.
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  11. Is the one you got the one you wear around the waist or the messenger bag?
  12. I bought this one, Dior x Kaws Pouch Saddle:

    Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.02.10 AM.png
    I think it's the same version as the oblique?
  13. Looks like it.

    What do you all think of the oblique saddle bag? I think I’m liking it more than the leather ones. Thoughts? BC3B7B59-FE4A-4E6C-9DD9-EA85BA0483AC.jpeg
  14. The zipped pocket is very small. Only my car key fits in. The pouch itself (with the magnet closure) can hold more items: a small thin wallet or card holder, iphone, some other keys and possibly the sunglasses (without a case). Still, it is pretty small so you have to arrange all of said items inside of the pouch. But I was comparing to the men's saddle bag. It is not much bigger. Hopefully you will enjoy the saddle pouch as I do!
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  15. Sorry, do you mean the men's saddle bag does not hold much more than the saddle pouch? Hmm, that's a little disappointing. I was going to try to get ahold of a men's black saddle bag as well, but may not bother if storage is that tight. Thanks for the info on that and on the zippered pocket. Honestly, the small storage would not bother me so much, but I bought 2 Petites Malles last year, and I'm not sure how many super-small bags I really need ("need" being relative, of course!). The pouch definitely looks stunning, though. Congratulations on yours!
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